Perth, Ontario, Autograph Book, 1888-1897

I found this autograph book in my files – I must have picked it up at an auction around 2002. Unfortunately there is no owner's name in it, but her name was definitely "Edith". She probably attended or taught at the Perth Model School, and she had several cousins in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Aside from her cousins, the autographs are mostly from Perth, but also from other Lanark County towns.

Autograph book cover

Autograph book: Geo. A. Dunham.

Geo. A. Dunham,
Jeffersonville, Ind.
Dec. 9/88

Autograph book: Edward Silcoxson

Edward Silcoxson,
Jeffersonville, Ind.
Dec. 9/88

Autograph book: Jean H. Scott

Jean H. Scott,
Perth Collegiate Institute,
March 31st / 93

Autograph book: Maggie Douglas

Maggie Douglas,
Smiths Falls.
Perth MS.

Autograph book: J. Armour

J. Armour,
Perth. Nov. 22nd, 1888.

Autograph book: Jessie F. Murray

Jessie F. Murray,
Jeffersonville Ind.
Feb. 3, 1888

Autograph book: Mrs. J. Pink

Mrs. J. Pink,
June 25th, 1888

Autograph book: Bella Storey

Bella Storey,
Jan. 20th, 1890

Autograph book: Aunt Emily

Aunt Emily,

Autograph book: Ella M. Clark

Ella M. Clark,
S. Falls.
Dec. 11th / 95
P. H. S.

Autograph book: Evelyn Murray

Evelyn Murray,
Jeffersonville, Ind.
Jan. 21, '88

Autograph book: Maud Ritchie

Maud Ritchie,
Coll Inst.,
Oct 30 '90.

Autograph book: M. M. McKinley

M. M. McKinley

Autograph book: Ella M. Hammond

Ella M. Hammond.
Jan. 21st. 1890

Autograph book: Aunt Mary

Aunt Mary
June 4th / 89.

Autograph book: Ida DeWitt

Ida DeWitt.
June 10th, 1892

Autograph book: Thos. J. Barnett

Thos. J. Barnett,
Oct. 20th, 1890.

Autograph book: M. C. Taylor

M. C. Taylor,
October 9th / 88.

Autograph book: J. W. Motherwell

J. W. Motherwell,
Nov 3 / 90

Autograph book: Mamie

July 31th, 1889

Autograph book: Jennie Forgie

Jennie Forgie,
Perth Model School
Oct. 24, 1890.

Autograph book: Cousin Ethel

Cousin Ethel,
Feb 8, 1888

Autograph book: L. Victoria Campbell

L. Victoria Campbell,
Smiths Falls.
Sept. 19th, 1891.

Autograph book: I. Florence Virtue

I. Florence Virtue,
Carleton Place,
Sept. 18th, 1891

Autograph book: Your cousin Edith

Your cousin Edith.
Perth, Jany. 4. / 90 or 91

Autograph book: J. A. MacDiarmid

J. A. MacDiarmid.
Nov. 19, 1890.

Autograph book: Minnie Steele

Minnie Steele,
P.M.S. Nov. 6th '97

Autograph book: M. M. Jaques

M. M. Jaques,
Jan. 1892.

Autograph book: Hattie A. Motherwell

Hattie A. Motherwell,
Oct. 24, 1890.

Autograph book: E. A. Wodden

E. A. Wodden
19 Jan, 1892.

Autograph book: E. J. Bower

E. J. Bower,
Jan. 1892.

Autograph book: D. Jas. Fumerton

D. Jas. Fumerton,
Jany 21st, 1890

Autograph book: Geo. A. C. Ritchie

Geo. A. C. Ritchie,
Perth - Ont.
Sept. 19th, 1890.

Autograph book: Sara E. McFarlane

Sara E. McFarlane,
P.M.S. 1890
Perth Oct 24th

Autograph book: S. E. Drysdale

S. E. Drysdale.
Perth, 5 / 89.

Autograph book: Henry James Talbot

Henry James Talbot
Oct 23rd 1890.

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