Photographs Possibly Related to the CORBETT & SHAW Families of Smiths Falls, Ont.

Ann Belanger says: "These photos came from an album which seems to have been owned by Sarah Ann Corbett (daughter of George Corbett and Sarah Shaw). The Corbetts lived in Smiths Falls as did the Shaws. These people may or may not be related to these families."

Angelo Butler

Ann Belanger says: "Angelo Butler. The photo has been crudely colourized as you can see. There are no known Butlers in the family and I have no clue who this man is. Do you?"

Mrs. T. Blackburn

Ann Belanger says: "Mrs. T. Blackburn. This is a tintype. There are no Blackburns in the family as far as I know and I have no clue who this is. Can you identify her?"

Corbett, Drew, Perkins, Quartz

Ann Belanger says: "The caption on this tintype is: 'Aunt Liz (Elizabeth Corbett) Mame Drew, Maria Perkins, Mother (Sarah Ann Corbett) Liza Quartz.' The caption was written by my grandmother – Georgina Corbett (Vanexan) Paul. Sarah Ann is standing at right. Aunt Liz is seated at left. I have no idea who the others are or if they are related in some way."

Rev. Washington Puffer

Ann Belanger says: "Reverend Washington Puffer. His initials are on the back as IWP. He may have been an Anglican minister in Smiths Falls but I have no real idea of who he is. Do you?"

July, 2016: Dave Caranci of puffergenealogy.info says: "Your photo is that of a young Isaac Washington Puffer. Born in Leeds Ontario, he served in Ontario for many years, coming to the US around 1884. He died in Miami, FL in 1914. He is buried at Woodlawn Park North Cemetery, Miami. He married Josephine Mary Weeks (1866-1899) in 1884, and her sister Bessie Ann in 1901."

Annie Todvin

Ann Belanger says: "Annie Todvin. Wonderful looking child with tremendously curly hair. I have not found any Todvins in my family and have no clue who she is. Do you?"

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