Winnipeg, Manitoba, circa 1910,
T. Eaton Company Tailor Shop.

The photo below was scanned from a 1910-era stereoscope photo. It is one of a set of stereo photos produced by the T. Eaton Company showing various aspects of their operation throughout Canada. The Manitoba Historical Society website dates the photo at circa 1910.

Eaton's Tailor Shop, circa 1910


The following text is printed on the back of the slide:

" Here over 400 people are engaged in making men's and boys' clothing. It would be interesting if you could personally see how this work is accomplished. Special machines are employed for the different work involved in making clothing. Some of the sewing machines run from 2,800 to 3,600 stitches a minute. Machines that make from 800 to 2,000 button holes per hour. Buttons are sewn on by machinery at the rate of 24 a minute or 11,520 a day. Every mechanical improvement that can be used to reduce labor and make better clothing is installed. Even the padding, tucking and overlaying is done by machine. In addition we maintain a large staff of tailors who sew by hand on the high priced garments, besides keeping a number of hand button hole workers.

" The greatest care is taken in the making of our clothing, which is fully described and illustrated in our general catalogue.

" So confident are we that our clothing will give satisfaction, that if you order and are not entirely satisfied, you may return goods and we will refund money, besides allowing charges incurred."


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