Downtown Elphin, Ontario : about 1900, and 2006.

Photograph of downtown Elphin, Ontario, about 1900.

Rick Killingbeck of Elphin, sent me this photo in 2006. He said about the house on the right: "In 1884 this house was owned by James Brownlee; in 1905 (by) Lawrence Brownlee. Later it was in the Fournier family (Pete) lastly; then bought and renovated by Mike D'Aoust, and presently Rick Killingbeck, 1996-2006".

Photograph of downtown Elphin, Ontario, 2006.

This photo was taken September 18, 2006. The road going off to the right (north) heads to Snow Road. The road going straight ahead (west) later turns south towards Maberly.

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