Geraldton, Ontario : Geraldton Hotel, before 1946.

Geraldton Hotel, Geraldton, Ont. before 1946

This image of the Geraldton Hotel is from a postcard which is postmarked 1946.

The Geraldton Hotel, originally named the Morin Hotel, was located at the corner of First Avenue North and Third Street North -- facing the C.N.R. tracks. W. Foster ("Foss") Draper was brought in from Sudbury as manager in late 1934. Originally the hotel had its own water tank, which was removed when the community tank was set in place and the related water lines were installed. The hotel was the location of the Geraldton "Hotel Grill" and the "Service Barber Shop" which was originally owned/operated by Nelson ("Nels.") Barber. -- Information via .

Geraldton Hotel, advertisements

Geraldton Hotel newspaper advertisements and news photo courtesy of Ken Johnson.

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