Lanark County, Ontario :
Sawmill on Dalhousie Lake, 1914 or before.

Sawmill on Dalhousie Lake, 1914 or before

Thanks to Christopher Anstead for this postcard addressed but not mailed to Maggie Harper, McDonald's Corners. This clue led Chris to Bob Harper (1933-2019) a life-long resident of McDonalds Corners. Maggie Harper was his father's sister. She was married on April 21, 1914, to Paul Griffin, cheesemaker, dying in childbirth three years later. The photo was taken in early spring as the trees are bare and there are patches of snow visible on the ground, so the latest it could have been taken is the spring of 1914. Christopher Anstead says that Bob Harper was able to identify the mill as "the Donald Mill" on the north shore of Dalhousie Lake, as he had visited it with his father when he was a little boy. The mill was the property of Mary Donald, north of Dalhousie Lake (Concession 9, Lot 14 East).

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