Lanark Village Ontario : School Class, Unknown Year

Unknown school class in Lanark Village, Ontario.

This photo was posted on Facebook in 2020, by the Lanark & District Museum, and is in their collection. Names were contributed by various people, and I've consolidated them here from the Facebook posting's comments. Year the photo was taken, and class grade are as yet unknown.

Back Row: Joyce Bell, Bob Knapp, Geraldine Ryde (teacher), Jim Benedict, Doug McPhee, Elaine Knapp.
Centre Row: Beverley Bothwell, Twilla McGinnis, Gail Widenmaier, Ellen Widenmaier.
Front Row: Murray Bell, Ron Shaw, Wayne Knapp, Heike (Hi) Goedhuis, Jan (John) Goedhuis.

Many thanks to the Lanark & District Museum
for posting this image in the
Lanark Village Community Group (Canada) Facebook group.

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