Merrickville, Ontario : Men's Hockey Team, 1903-1904.

Men's hockey team, 1903-1904, Merrickville, Ontario

Men in the photo are identified thus:
Officers: Jim Mills; F.A.J. Davis; G.R. Putnam (Reeve); T. Edwards.
Team: Gordon Angus (Goal); Tom Kyle (Point); Mervyn Merkley (Rover); John Cranstoun (Rover); George Laycock (Centre); Harry Watchorn (Wing); Jud Watchorn (Wing).
Third player in middle row may be Mervyn Forsey Miskelly (see added item below).

Thanks to the late Dr. Hal Cumming for this photo. He believed that the man directly behind the goaltender was his uncle, John Cranstoun, but was unable to identify any other individual officers or players.

December 14, 2021: I received this email from Don Childs. He says in part: " In the (photo above), you will see Mervyn Forsey Miskelly in his army uniform after enlistment in the Canadian Expeditionary force on 21 March 1917 at Kingston, Ontario. He was 36.

" I have placed this photo alongside the 23-year-old version of him in the Merrickville hockey team photo for 1903-04.

" He was sent "over the top" at Passchendaele (otherwise known as the Third Battle of Ypres) at 5:40 am on 30 October 1917. His body was never found. His name is inscribed with tens of thousands of others, therefore, on the Menin Gate Memorial in Ypres, Belgium.

" Still, the town of Merrickville devoted a burial plot to him and so an empty grave awaits him, marked by a gravestone with his name on it, should his mortal remains ever be discovered in the farm fields around Ypres. "

Can you provide names, corrections or comments?

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