Platt Family Photos

These photos were found in the stock of a Lanark County, Ontario antique dealer in the spring of 2000. There were many more photos but these were the only ones with names on the back. A packet of letters concerning this family was also seen with these photos, but was not purchased. Postmarks were as late as 1948.

Photograph of Platt family

Written on the back: "Left to right - Back row
De Alton Platt, Calvin Platt, Mabel Waters Platt, Worth Waters, Alvah Lints
Front row - Hattie Platt (Waters), Edwin Waters (Father of Hattie), Sarah (Washburn) Waters
(mother of Hattie & Mabel etc.) Mary Jane (Waters) Lints."
"Edwin Waters & wife Sarah and
children Hattie, Mabel, Mary Jane & Worthy
Mabel - Wife of Calvin Platt
Hattie - Wife of De Alton Platt
Mary Jane - Wife of Alvah Lints"
Original size: 4-3/4 inches wide by 3-3/4 inches high.

Names written on back of Platt photo

Scan of the information written on the back of the photo above.

Photograph of Calvin and Mabel Platt

"Callie & his wife the
winter after they
were 19 years old
Dec 26th 1899"
[in a different hand]
"Mabel born Mar 25th 1880
Married Calvin Platt May 15 1899
Had one son Lyle Platt"

Original size: 3-7/8; inches wide by 5-1/2 inches high.

Photograph of Calvin and Mabel Platt

"Callie & Mabel Platt"
[and in pencil] "Hattie"
Photo by W.H. Dunwick, Pulaski, N.Y.
It is hard to believe this Calvin is the same one as in the photo above.

Original size: 3-7/8; inches wide by 5-1/2 inches high.

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