Smiths Falls, Ontario :
St. John's Church, 1929 Annual Report.

Saint John's Church
Smiths Falls Ontario
Annual Report
For Year Ending 31st December 1929
Cover of Saint John's Church, Smiths Falls, 1929 Annual Report.

The Rector: Rev. Canon D'A. T. Clayton, B.A.
The Rectory -- 2 George St., Phone 124.
Curate : Rev. E. H. Costigan, B. A.,
31 William St., W., Phone 469.

Lay Reader: A. S. Malcolm.

Church Wardens: O. F. Anderson,    F. W. Oldham.

Vestry Clerk: C. B. Houston.

Envelope Secretary: Mrs. C. G. Jones.

Organist: John H. Marquette.

Soloist: Miss Flora Newsome.

Lay Representatives To Synod:
C. G. Jones,    John O. Drummond,    F. R. Gilroy,
C. B. Houston,    J. A. Johnston,    D. S. Noad.

Finance Committee:
The Rector,    The Church Wardens,    The Vestry Clerk,
S. B. Code,    F. R. Gilroy,    A. S. Jones,
C. G. Jones,    G. T. Young,    D. S. Noad.

Auditors: H. H. Layng,    D. S. Noad.

Sexton: J. M. Fader, 47 Chambers St.
Inside front cover of Saint John's Church, Smiths Falls, 1929 Annual Report.


Those who gave their lives during
the Great War

Priviate Alfred James Fields.
Private Clarence T. Ferguson.
Sergeant William H. Cooke.
Bombadier John B. Perkins.
Private Rexford Hurlburt.
Major Sydney W. Gilroy.
Private Sherwood Wood.
Sergeant Herbert C. Polk.
Private David H. Lucas.
Private Lorne Lucas.
Lance-Corporal Harry Webb.
Private George Fields.
Bombadier Sydney Holland.
Private George S. Robinson.
Gunner Frank H. Prior.

"Grant them, O Lord, Eternal rest, and
let Light Perpetual Shine upon Them."
Page 1 of Saint John's Church, Smiths Falls, 1929 Annual Report.


The following figures and particulars will be of interest to the members of this vestry and parish.

There are over 550 families that claim the care and ministrations of St. John's Church, the total church population being over 2,500. The regular services have been maintained and there have been many special and very impressive services.

There have been 145 celebrations of the Holy Communion. Sunday services numbered 185; Week day services 96 -- making a total of 281; this does not include services in the hospitals, or with the sick in their own homes. There were Baptisms 51; Confirmed 36; Marriages 19; Burials 32.

The Nine Parish organizations are strong and nourishing and have had a very successful year. Their finances are in good condition and show a total balance on hand of $1,775.64. You will note the number of burials was larger this past year than usual. Many have been the hearts and homes that claimed our active sympathy, and among them the families of two of our clergy, viz.: The Rev. E. G. Heaven, in the first of the year, and the Rev. George Code, near the close of the year, both of them faithful shepherds, beloved of their flocks, and "faithful unto death."

One of the special and impressive services of the past year, was held on Monday, June 24th, when the Lord Bishop of the Diocese and fourteen of the clergy were with us for the ordination of the Rev. E.H. Costigan, B.A., to the priesthood, and whose good and faithful services we all appreciate.

Other Special Services and days we will long remember with pleasure and pride are those in connection with the gathering together here of the members of the Woman's Auxiliary of the whole Diocese of Ottawa, to hold their Annual Diocesan Conference. This was something no other parish of this diocese could undertake alone. But, owing to our equipment, and the splendid and loyal work of the members of the parish, men and women, it was a wonderful success and a great credit to our people and parish. We received praise and congratulations from all parts of the diocese, and your rector was very proud of the parish and people.

I desire to express my thanks for, and my appreciation of, the faithful work of our church wardens, during the past year.

Time and space will not permit my giving the full measure of credit and praise due the officers and members of our various organiz­ations. May God's blessing be upon us all, throughout the New Year.

-- D'ARCY T. CLAYTON, Rector.

Page 2 of Saint John's Church, Smiths Falls, 1929 Annual Report.

Auditor's Report
Page 3 of Saint John's Church, Smiths Falls, 1929 Annual Report.

Auditor's Report
Page 4 of Saint John's Church, Smiths Falls, 1929 Annual Report.

Auditor's Report
Page 5 of Saint John's Church, Smiths Falls, 1929 Annual Report.

To the Members of St. John's Church, Smiths Falls, Ontario :

We, your Church Wardens herewith present the financial statement for the Church year, ending 31st of December, 1929. The present year has been a satisfactory one. No outstanding improvement in our financial position has been recorded, but notwithstanding our increased expenditures in general maintenance account, no retro­gression has occurred and our floating debt remains at practically the same figure as last year. Contributions from loose collections and envelopes were higher than the preceding year, which indicates greater efforts and more liberal support on the part of our members to the general and Mission Funds. An outstanding feature of the fiscal year was the beautification of the Chancel by the acquisition of new lighting standards, and the laying of the hardwood floor. The latter improvement was entirely financed by the Women's Guild.

Too much stress cannot be laid upon the recommendation of the retiring Wardens of last year for an immediate canvass of the Parish with a view of enlisting the support of old and new subscribers toward liquidating our floating debt of $1,000, and making provision for the maintenance and improvement of the Church property. The Women's Guild intend to re-decorate the interior of the Church during the summer of 1930, and it is imperative that the roof be repaired before the work is undertaken. Since the date of our last canvass many changes have taken place in the parish. Some of the older families who contributed generously to the Support of the Church have moved away, and others have been added. Your retiring Wardens suggest that a new census of our Church population be taken, and a systematic canvass made.

The Wardens desire to express their warmest thanks and appreciation to the various organizations of the Church for their untiring efforts, loyal co-operation and material assistance rendered during the year.

All of which is respectfully submitted,

Page 6 of Saint John's Church, Smiths Falls, 1929 Annual Report.

Wardens' Report
Page 7 of Saint John's Church, Smiths Falls, 1929 Annual Report.

Summary of the Reports
of Church Organizations
Page 8 of Saint John's Church, Smiths Falls, 1929 Annual Report.

List Of Subscribers
Aboud, S.
Adams, H. B.
Allan, Mrs. John F.
Allport, Mrs. R. G.
Alexander, Mrs. James
Ainsley, Mrs. William
Alder, Thomas
Amy, H. A.
Amy, Grant
Anderson, O. F.
Anderson, Ernest
Anderson, Albert
Andrews, Harry
Armstrong, Mrs. M.
Arnold, Geo. E.
Ashmore, Thomas
Alexander, Greta
Baker, George
Baker, Milburn G.
Backus, William
Baird, George
Barrie, Mrs. M.
Bailey, Mr. and Mrs.
Best, Albert
Best, George
Best, Misses Ella and Eva
Berry, Walter
Blackburn, Samuel
Bishop, Philip
Bolton, Miss Mary
Bolton, W. H.
Page 9 of Saint John's Church, Smiths Falls, 1929 Annual Report.

Bradley, Thos.
Bradley, J. J.
Bradley, Ellison
Bradley, T. H.
Brinkman, Mr. and Mrs.
Bradshaw, Mrs. Margaret
Briggs, Mr. and Mrs. W. R.
Burchill, W. J.
Burchill, Mrs.
Burrows, Mrs. C.
Cameron, Mrs. W. L.
Campbell, Charles
Cawdron, A. R.
Cartland, Mrs. John
Caswell, Byron
Caswell, B.
Catchpole, Mrs.
Chiswell, W. J. H.
Clayton, Rev. D'A. T.
Clark, T. H.
Costigan, Rev. E. H.
Coates, Mrs. W. H.
Cavanagh, John
Code, S. B.
Code, Joseph
Code, Ben.
Code, Mrs. Russell
Code, Mrs. Robt.
Code, Mrs. W. H.
Code, W. A.
Code, R. Harvey
Code, Dorothy
Code, Harry
Conlin, Frank
Cook, L. H.
Corbett, J. F.
Covell, Frank
Covell, George
Covell, Bob.
Couch, W. H.
Page 10 of Saint John's Church, Smiths Falls, 1929 Annual Report.

Couch, George
Couch, Mel.
Crate, Ernest
Crate, Henry
Crate, Doris A.
Cullen, Mr. and Mrs. R.
Crampton, William
Crate, Fred. A.
Dawson, Mr. and Mrs. James
Davis, Morton
Davis, Mrs. John
Devlin, Herbert
Dowsett, Mrs. Burt
Dowsett, Helen
Dodd, Charles
Driffield, Dorothy
Drummond, John O.
Davidson, G. H.
Earner, Kenneth J.
Eamer, Miss
Edwards, W. H.
Edwards, W. S.
Edwards, Mrs. Charles
Edmonds, Mrs. J. E.
Elward, Mrs. R.
Elwood, Joseph
Elwood, W. A.
Evans, Percy
Evans, Thomas
Fader, John
Farrell, James
Ferguson, Misses M. and V.
Ferguson, Mrs. George
Ferguson, William G.
Fitchell, W. J.
Fitzgerald, Theodore
Fitzpatrick, Mrs. H.
Flegg, Mrs. Robt.
Flegg, Mrs. G. H.
Flegg, Wilson
Page 11 of Saint John's Church, Smiths Falls, 1929 Annual Report.

Flaherty, Mrs. H.
Flaherty, Edna
Foster, Mrs. Adam
Free, John
French, Mrs. R. H.
Frost, Miss C. L.
Garton, Mr. & Mrs. Clifford
Gardiner, Mrs. M. & Miss E.
Gardiner, William
Geddes, Mrs.
Gilday, Mrs. D.
Gilroy, Mrs. S. W.
Gilroy, Mrs. George
Gilroy, Miss Estella
Gilroy, Mrs. Fred.
Gilroy, Richie
Gilroy, Miss S.
Gilroy, Mrs. Stewart
Giffin, Mrs. Ernest
Gilmour, E. J.
Giff, Mrs. Thomas
Giff, Miss Beckie
Giff, William, (Chambers E.)
Giff, William, (Chambers W.)
Giff, Samuel
Gordon, Samuel
Graham, Andrew
Graham, W. A.
Graham, E. G.
Graham, Miss M.
Graham, Mrs. Gordon
Gray, Harry
Gray, John E.
Grier, Walter
Griffith, L. V.
Griffith, Mel.
Gray, Edward
Hagan, Harry
Hagan, Ernest
Hagan, Alf.
Page 12 of Saint John's Church, Smiths Falls, 1929 Annual Report.

Haggar, Leo.
Halladay, E. A.
Halladay, Ambrose
Haley, Mansell
Hawe, Miss Mary
Hawkins, Robert
Harrison, Mrs. Edwin
Hauraney, H.
Hayes, Miss Anna
Hehir, George
Hehir, Edwin
Hewitt, Mrs. Joseph
Henry, Mrs. Murrel
Himmelman, P. V.
Hill, William
Hills, Mrs. R. H.
Hills, Miss Roberta
Hitchings, William
Hobbs, Mrs. C. E.
Hobbs, Mrs. Albert
Horning, Mrs. D. and Colin
Houston, C. B.
Howard, J. C.
Hodgins, Ellard
Holmes, S. D.
Hudson, Mrs. J. H.
Hudson, Fred.
Hudson, Willie
Hunter, Wilfrid
Humphries, Mrs. A.
Hutton, Mrs. Arthur & brother
Irvine, James
James, Mrs. J. L.
Jones, R. Davis
Jones, W. J.
Jones, Arthur S.
Jones, James G.
Jones, Harold
Jones, John
Jones, C. Grant
Page 13 of Saint John's Church, Smiths Falls, 1929 Annual Report.

Johnston, William
Johnston, J. A.
Johnston, Cecil R.
Johnston, Salathiel
Joynt, R. Wesley
Katinas, Emanuel
Kazy, Mrs. Albert
Kennedy, K. K.
Kilfoyle, Wesley
Kilfoyle, James
Kilfoyle, Howard
Kilfoyle, Addison
Kilfoyle, Hilliard
Knapp, Wesley
Layng, H. H.
Layng, Mrs. H. H.
Langley, Thomas
Leach, Arthur
Leach, Norman
Leach, Miss Laura
Leach, Stanley
Leach, Milton
Leach, Wesley
Leach, W. H.
Leach, John W.
Leaver, Mrs. Julia
Leaver, Thomas
Leaver, Peter
Leaver, James
Livingstone, John
Line, John
Line, Eugenie
Line, Priscilla
Lee, Mrs. Frank
Lee, Miss Sadie
Leathers, William
Landry, Mrs. C.
Lewis, S. H.
Love, George
Love, Omar
Page 14 of Saint John's Church, Smiths Falls, 1929 Annual Report.

Lorimer, Joseph
Lavender, William
Lemax, Russsell
Leverette, G. G.
Lodge, Mrs. Thomas
Lucas, William F.
Lucas, R. G.
Lucas, Howard
Lucas, James W.
Lucas, John
Lunn, Mrs. Edith
Lynn, Mrs. Joseph
Malcolm, A. S.
Mansfield, W. J.
Mansfield, Mrs. Bert.
Maplebeck, Sidney
Maxwell, W. G.
Marquette, John
Martin, Mrs. Dora
Martin, Arthur & John
Maud, Mrs. Robt.
Message, Arthur
Menagh, Frank
Mitchell, Mrs. E.
Mitchell, Mr. F.
Millard, John
Minshall, Thomas
Miller, Mr. & Mrs. Harold
Moag, Mrs. James
Morgan, Dr. George S.
Morris, Edward
Morris, Ephraim
Morris, W. E.
Morris, Charles
Morrison, Mrs. G. A.
Molton, W. J.
Murphy, Dr. W. S.
Murphy, W. H.
Mulligan, Geo.
Mullarkey, Mrs. J. P.
Page 15 of Saint John's Church, Smiths Falls, 1929 Annual Report.

McArthur, Mrs. L. D.
McCue, Wilson
McCann, J. D.
McCann, Clarence G.
McCouan, Wallace
McCreary, Hamilton
McEwen, John
McGillivray, Mrs. Anna
McLean, Howard
McLean, Mansell
McLean, Harry
McGillis, W. J.
McFadden, Mrs. M. A.
McLaren, Mrs. A. Clarke
McLaughlin, E. J.
McNayr, Lorne
McKenzie, Arthur S.
McWatters, Miss
Neale, Arthur
Neil, Robert
Neil, Alex
Neil, Con.
Nelson, Mrs. Elizabeth
Newsome, A. E.
Noad, D. S.
Oldham, Fred.
Oldham, R. C.
Ormrod, T. J.
Patterson, W. J.
Patterson, Mr. & Mrs. Harold
Patterson, Dan.
Patterson, Mrs. George
Pierce, Herbert
Pierce, Miss Effie
Pearson, Mrs. J. T.
Pierce, Leona
Phillips, Mrs. J. F.
Phillips, Mrs. A. & Ross
Pippard, Fred. J.
Plato, Reuben L.
Page 16 of Saint John's Church, Smiths Falls, 1929 Annual Report.

Polk, Miss
Porter, Mrs. John
Porter, R. L.
Potter, Ernest
Potter, Fred.
Powers, Mrs. Ben.
Pratt, S. P.
Pratt, Annis
Prior, Mrs. Annie
Preston, Mrs. Anthony
Purcell, Byron
Purdy, Mrs. Fred. S.
Purdy, Clare
Purdue, Joseph
Randall, Sydney
Randall, Elmer
Ranshaw, Ernest
Reynolds, J. J.
Richey, William
Riley, William
Robinson, Mrs. M. & Mona
Rogers, George E.
Rogers, Edmond
Rogers, Thomas
Ross, Mrs. W. J.
Rothwell, E. F.
Rutherford, Mrs. J.
Rutherford, Miss Elsie
Rice, R. A.
Salter, E. A.
Saunders, Samuel
Saunders, Dr. S.
Scott, Ralph
Serviss, Mrs. W. A.
Shane, John
Shane, Harry
Sheridan, Joseph
Sharples, Alfred
Sloan, Mrs. T.
Sloan, George
Page 17 of Saint John's Church, Smiths Falls, 1929 Annual Report.

Sloan, Miss Edith
Shufelt, Percy
Smith, H. E.
Smith, T. E.
Snyder, Mrs. G. S.
Sparham, B. E.
Spooner, Mrs. H.
Stammers, Mrs. C. L. B.
Stephens, Mrs. Alex.
Stewart, Joseph
Stewart, Mrs. W. E.
Stanzel, William
Swayne, G. B.
Swayne, Mrs. Eliza
Sylvester, B. N.
Tassie, Robert
Thomas, Florence
Thomlinson, Mrs. J.
Thomlinson, Henry
Timlin, Chas. H.
Tompkins, Mrs. Grant
Vicars, Misses O. & G.
Walker, Mrs. J.
Walker, Miss Goldie
Walker, Miss Eileen
Walker, Mrs. Fred.
Ward, Mrs. Laura
Warren, John
Webster, F. O.
Webster, Ormond
Webster, J. C.
Webb, Earl
Weedmark, Mrs. E.
Williams, Mrs. Wm.
Wills, Robert
Wilton, Fred.
White, Mrs. Albert
White, Mr. Charles
Whitfield, Alf.
Wright, Charles
Page 18 of Saint John's Church, Smiths Falls, 1929 Annual Report.

Wynne, J. A.
Yarwood, James
Yarwood, William
Yellen, Charles
Young, Miss Leah
Young, Mrs. G.
Page 19 of Saint John's Church, Smiths Falls, 1929 Annual Report.

Women's Guild:
Hon. Pres. -- Mrs. D'A. Clayton.
President -- Mrs. A. Foster.
Secretary -- Mrs. A. Anderson.
Treasurer -- Mrs. W. Kilfoyle.

Women's Auxiliary to M. S. C. C.:
President -- Mrs. D'A. Clayton.
Vice-President -- Mrs. A. Jones.
Secretary -- Mrs. A. Foster.
Treasurer -- Mrs. Ranshaw.
Dorcas Secretary -- Mrs. R. Flegg.

Girls' Auxiliary to M. S. C. C.:
President -- Miss Roberta Hills.
Secretary -- Miss Anita Leach.
Treasurer -- Miss Flora Plato.
Dorcas Secretary -- Mrs. A. Hagan.

Hospital Auxiliary:
President -- Mrs. W. Kilfoyle.
Secretary -- Mrs. D'A. Clayton.    Treasurer -- Mrs. Stammers.

Altar Guild:
President -- Mrs. D'A. Clayton.
Secretary -- Miss E. Gardiner.    Treasurer -- Mrs. C. Timlin.

President -- The Rector.
Secretary -- Miss R. Hills.
Treasurer -- Mr. S. Hagan.
Organist -- Mr. J. H. Marquette.
Choir Leader -- Miss Flora Newsome.

Sunday School:
Superintendent -- The Rector.
Secretary & Treasurer -- Rev. E. H. Costigan.
Librarian -- Mr. E. Randall.

Boy Scouts:
Scout Master -- Rev. E. H. Costigan, B.A.

Y. P. A.:
President -- Mr. H. Morphy.
Secretary -- Miss L. Randall.    Treasurer -- Miss M. Walker.
Inside back cover of Saint John's Church, Smiths Falls, 1929 Annual Report.


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