Snow Road Station & Mississippi Station,
Ontario, Canada

These five photos are among those which are hanging on the wall of the Snow Road Community Centre, which at one time was the second Snow Road School shown in two of these photos. Chris Gardner photographed them in their frames and kindly sent me these copies. The names and descriptions I've included with most of these photos are transcribed from the originals. In May 2012, Nelson Wells identified the location of the last two photos as Mississippi Station.

Snow Road School, before 1893

This was the first school in Snow Road. Built in 1881, it burned in 1893, when the second school (see the photos below) was built. Unfortunately no teacher or student names are available for this photo, but the teacher may be Bedelia Maxwell who was the first teacher, (see a Perth Courier story of Aug. 7, 1936).

Snow Road School, 1900

Photo was taken in 1900.
Teacher: Miss Dobson.
Back Row, L to R: Anne Adams, Ethel Adams, Edith Erwin, Janet McKinnon, Mary Millar, Mary Kennedy.
Middle Row: Delbert Millar, David Richards, Johnny Lee, Alex Adams, Tommy Nichol, Mabel Nichol, Major Gilbert, Nettie Chambers, Jane Kennedy, Emma Millar, Sophia (May) Kennedy, Bella Millar, Florence McKinnon.
Front Row: Robbie Hannah, Herb Kennedy, Jimmy Erwin, Walter Chalmers, Anna Waite, Edith McKinnon, Ella Millar, Jessie Millar, Lizzie Law, Effie Hannah, Lizzie Chalmers.
Absent: Erma Waite (Lett).
Previous Teachers: 1st Miss Noris, 2nd Miss Atkinson.

Snow Road School

Photo was taken circa 1916/1917 as Nellie Millar was born in 1911.
Back Row, L to R: Marabel Johnston (teacher), Allan Millar, Calvin Buchanan, Johnny Buchanan, Isabel Millar, Marjorie Buchannan, Rena Gilchrist, Netta Gilchrist, Bessie Kennedy, Vietta Millar, Edith Trombley.
Front Row: Ray Millar, Ralph Geddes, Eldred Gemmill, Ernest (Joe) Trombley, Hilda Geddes, Gladys Millar, Doris Geddes, Cloris Duncan, Doris Gemmill, Nellie Millar, Maggie (Peg) Kirkham.

Mississippi Station General Store, 1904

The location has been identified as Mississippi Station.
General Store & dwelling built by Isaac Allan in 1890. Photo was taken in 1904.
Upper Veranda, L to R: Jewel Allan and Lillian Allan.
Lower Veranda, L to R: Bob Brook, Lucy Geddes, Herb Brook, Mordy Storms, Mrs. Fred Clark (nee Minnie Allan), Norman Clark (postmaster).
On Ground, L to R: Paddy Hughes (holding horse), Lois Allan, Clarence Allan, Roy Allan (in buggy), Fred Clark (with foot on buggy wheel), William Geddes (in long buggy with horse team).

Mississippi Station General Store, 1904

The location has been identified as Mississippi Station.
General Store & Dwelling, Hotel, White House. Photo taken 1904.
The hotel was known as the Forest House -- owned and operated by Spike Jones. Later it was sold to Isaac Allan and used by him as a General Store and dwelling until his new store and dwelling were completed in 1890. Then the old hotel was used as an undertaking establishment. It was torn down and sold to Isaac Kirkam at Clarendon and rebuilt as a dwelling.
Left to Right: William Geddes (standing on fence), Lucy Geddes (with white waist & dark skirt), Stanley Geddes sitting on Gertie Hughes' knee.

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