Dundas County, Ontario :
S.S. No. 7, North Winchester Township,
Class Photo, 1952.

Students of S.S. No. 7, North Winchester Township, Ontario

Back row, L to R: Ann Lang, Barbara Wagner, Carol Countryman, Joan Gordon, Betty Young, June Gordon, Judy Nurse, Mrs. Erma Stevens (teacher), Lorna Irven.
Front row, L to R: Mancel Wagner, Erik Thompson, John Swerdfeger, Dwayne Gordon, Donnie Irven, Stephen Thompson, Marcel Lemery, Stewart Carruthers.

Many thanks to who kindly sent me this scan. He says in part: " . . . (this photo of) SS #7 North Winchester was taken early 1952. It was a one-room school about a mile and a half east of Morewood. I left there that fall and it was probably closed in the mid 1950's, later demolished and a house stands on the property today. "

April, 2016 : Doug Nurse emailed me and said in part: " . . . the building itself that was the school was simply renovated in the 1970's by (a family). I went to public school with one of the daughters and we had a grade eight house party there. Judy Nurse is now deceased and was my Dad's youngest sister. "

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