Tamworth, Ontario : "C" Co., 146th O.S. Batt.

Photograph of C Co., 146th O.S. Batt., Tamworth, Ont

Acompanying sheet of paper (see below) has many names, but they aren't in order:

Fred Parks, Alf. Rogers, A. Smith, Laurence Coxall, J. Garrison, Ted Cross, Ross Pervus, Harry Babcock.

A. Pennell - - Clare Wagar - - Arthur Franklin
W.J. MacFarlane - - M.G. Lee, Elmer Alton, Jack Tompson.
Carmen Salsbury.

S. Switzer, Walter Day, Harvey Tompson, Harold Gailbraith (sic)
Ern. Barker, Roy Samson, Ekulbeck, Luther Furrs.

Roy McGill - - Leeman Cambell - - Jim Stoddard
Percy Charlton, Capt. Hannah, Walter Bush
Rufus Lambert, James Lambert, Jack Lambert.

Original size: 10 inches wide by 8 inches high.

Names written on paper with photo above

This sheet of paper was attached to the photo above.

Can you provide names, corrections or other information?

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