Photos by Charles Dobie

Picket at Toronto City Hall, 1970.

Joe A. Lauwers decided to take his message to the public. Does anyone know what happened to him and his daughter? If you have any information

Picket at City Hall, Toronto, 1970.

Photo 1: " Joe A. Lauwers 84 Bellwoods Ave. charged the Can. Gov't authorities from top to bottom of having brutally violated my Canadian Passport No HF654637, by doing conspiracy deliberately, with W. Germany and the Dutch by being in God's name a accessory to prey on two Canadian Citizens after my arrest on July 15th 1966 when W. German Police extradited my 9yr. daughter the same day without a passport & authority to the custody of the Dutch Police. I've been extradited Sept. 30th 1966 with 3 different kidnapping charges taken illegaly according to Ottawa. "

Picket at City Hall, Toronto, 1970.

Photo 2: " Professor at law Mr.Peck at law school in Osgoode Hall, after seeing my papers he said openly to me I'm 100% sure that the W.German Police ordered by Ch.of Justice in W.Germany Mr.Weil, extradited you & your daughter illegaly in custody of the Dutch auth; by laying false charges of kidnapping my daughter forcibly out the custody of the Dutch auth. charge of Prey on People charge of taking forcibly my daughter out of temporal supervision of Dutch auth; hereby violating the Dual-Nationality law placed by off. of Justice Mr.Junker W.Poll of the Dutch, untrue, admitted before Justice Mr. V. Oldenborgh and acquitted Mr. Laywers. Passp. & legal parental rights easily restorable in international court. "

Picket at City Hall, Toronto, 1970.

Photo 3: " Co-Conspirators with the Dutch and W. Germany by illegaly restricting my Passport in -- Ottawa are: Pr.M.Trudeau, M.P.Sharp M.P.Hellyer J.M.Turner Mr. Samuels because they did allow them to do Prey on people. Informed but not helpful in Toronto are Mayor Dennison Can. Civil liberties Assn Mr. Wishart Mr. Falks Can. Citizenship Br. Situation today of Ottawa is, Pr.M. Trudeau ordered M.P. Sharp without having a court decision or any valid reasons at all with permision named above, to take away my Canadian passport No. HF654637 rights and my Can. certificates for lifetime. My papers of Supreme courts prove it all. "

Picket at City Hall, Toronto, 1970.

Photo 4: " Toronto Daily Star October 11th 1968 after seeing my Supreme courts papers of W.Germany & the Dutch plus Passp; deliberately changed the court facts, to prevent the true but ridiculous and illegal situation to be known to all Canadian citizens through­out Canada, on a request by E.Joly de Lotbiniere Ph.992-7154. Under Secrt. of St. Ext. Aff. Cosular Div and Secrt. of St. Mr. Morris office Pr.M I was not able, their "Help Wanted" refused me, to get that silly story changed, my basic Can. civil rights as promised to stand up for, has been violated, conspiracy with Ottawa not to protect a Can. Passport done in God's name is not a legal situation. "

Photographs Copyright © 1970- by Charles Dobie.

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