Dr. Barnardo Homes Postcards, c. 1918

These three postcards are from the Dawson Kerr collection in the Perth Museum, Perth, Ont. He must have purchased them in England in 1918/19 when he was posted there during WW I.

Photograph of children on donkey cart

Text on back reads: "THE MORNING RIDE: Dr. Barnardo's Homes always contain about 1000 afflicted Children. They are, of course, not suitable for emigration, but many of them are capable of light work, and much is done to make life bright and bearable for them all."

Photograph of Dr. Barnardo working at his desk

Text on back reads: "Dr. Barnardo's Homes were founded in 1866, and up to December, 1911, had rescued and trained 75,462 destitute, orphan, and cripple boys and girls. 9000 children are generally in residence. Chief Offices: 18 to 26, Stepney Causeway, London, E. Contributions always needed, and ever welcomed by the Honorary Director, Wm. Baker, Esq., M.A., LL.B., and Rev. W.J. Mayers (Senior Deputation Secretary)."

Photograph of the School

Text on back reads: "The Watts Naval School. -- A worthy Memorial of its generous donor, the late Edmund Hannay Watts, Esq. First used in 1903, but not formally opened until 1906. 300 Boys are in residence and in training for the Navy and Mercantile Marine. The School is officially recognised by the Admiralty. 79 Boys have already joined the Royal Navy, and 10 H.M. Canadian Navy."

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