Clayton, Lanark County, Ontario :
School Class about 1908-09.

school class at Clayton Ontario, about 1909.

Photograph of school class at Clayton Ontario, about 1909.
The only student identified on the back of the photo is Roy Reston Evans, third from the right,
with pen marks above his head.
In the 1901 census of Lanark (North) Dist. 30, Sub-Dist. f-3, Ont. Archives Microfilm: T-6477, is found:

Evans Danill R.   M   Head     M   Jan 24  1863    37
Evans Eliza J.    F   Wife     M   Nov 29  1866    35
Evans Nina G.     F   Daughter S   Feb 18  1891    10
Evans Clifford    M   Son      S   Aug 17  1892     8
Evans Clarence    M   Son      S   Aug 15  1893     7
Evans Herbert E.  M   Son      S   May 28  1895     5
Evans Roy R.      M   Son      S   Jul 9   1897     3

Based on this census entry, I estimate the photo date to be about 1908-1909.

See an image of the students only, twice the size of the one above.

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