Possibly Temagami, Ont. area,
Gray Family photos, 1930's.

Envelope in which the photos were mailed

This is the envelope which contained the 14 photos (two are duplicates which aren't shown). If you recognize any of the buildings or people, your help would be much appreciated here.

Sept. 24, 2019: I received an email from Maggie Wilson of the Cobalt Historical Society. She says in part: "I do not recognize the people or more importantly, the surroundings as being from Cobalt. The address of the Shaw Drug Store photo envelope is addressed to Goward Ontario -- that was the former name of North Temagami. That combined with the horses drawing a load of lumber tells me that the family came to Cobalt to develop the film, but lived south of the town. If not Goward, possibly Latchford, along the Montreal River, Gillies Depot -- centres known for the lumber industry. I can tell you that Shaw's Drug Store was at both the Silver Street and Lang Street locations during the period from 1929 to 1936. "

The link to the Cobalt Historical Society website is: Heritage Silver Trail Cobalt Historical Society.

Douglas Gray, 1 yr. June 12.

"Douglas Gray, 1 yr. June 12."


"I didn't know this was being taken, and it just happened to be in with envelopes, so will send it on. Maude."

Douglas Gray?

The baby looks like Douglas Gray.

Temagami photo?
Group of 18 people

Group of 18 unidentified people. Click here to see a much enlarged image of the people only.

Temagami photo? Temagami photo? Temagami photo? Temagami photo? Temagami photo? Temagami photo? Temagami photo?

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