Duncan Family of Lanark County, Ontario

family of Robert Arthur Duncan (1870-1945) and Mary Cullan Munro (1871-1941)

The family of Robert Arthur Duncan and Mary Cullan Munro, about 1905, in Lanark.
Adults: Robert Arthur Duncan (1870-1945) & Mary Cullan Munro (1871-1941).
Children: Janet Rose Duncan (1899-1963), Robert Oswell Duncan (1895-1950),
Alexander Grant Duncan (1896-1926), Marion Munro Duncan (1902-1951).

Many thanks to Jack Donaldson for this photo and information. He says: "This picture is my mother's family. Marion Munro Donaldson (Duncan) was born in Lanark. Her father, mother and Robert Oswell Duncan were born in Dalhousie and the rest in Lanark. Robert Arthur Duncan was born into a family from Dalhousie of ten Duncan's, the father being James Duncan 1837-1905, and mother Janet Turnbull 1837-1903. My mother's father was James Munro 1834-1907, and mother was Rosalthe Adelia Wright 1838-1932."

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