School Class, Elphin, Ontario, about 1920

School class at Elphin, Ontario, about 1920.

Photograph of a class in front of the school at Elphin, Ontario, about 1920.
This photo was published in the Perth Courier circa 2001.

The names are repeated below so they can be found by word search:
Front row: Mervil Brownlee, Eric Thompson, George Balfour, Percy Lake, James Weir, Olive Millar, Tena Balfour, Laura Millar, Jessie Scott, Lawrence Balfour, Lorne McDougall, James McDougall, Mac Brownlee, Crosley Dunlop, Ross McDougall, Gordon Brownlee.
Middle row: Marjorie Weir, Nellie McDougall, Mayme Millar, Emma Balfour, Dorothy Duncan, Florence Geddes.
Back Row: Maggie Izatt, Janet Duncan, Maggie Balfour, Katie Buchan, Lillian Smith, Mary Buchan, Beatrice Thompson, Ruby Lake, Gladys McDougall, Annie Miller, Edna Millar, Bertha Geddes.
Teacher: Miss Buchan.
– Photo loaned to The Courier courtesy Mrs. Dave Dobbie.

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