School Class at Elphin, Ontario, about 1912 or 1913.

School class at Elphin, Ontario, about 1912 or 1913.

Many thanks to Heather Gordon for this photo and the accompanying information.

George Gordon (born 1899) and his brother Sherman (born 1901) are at the far right of the back row. Their brother Gerald (born 1903) is at the far right of the front row. George Gordon's birth year has helped to date this photo to about 1912 or 1913. He also appears in another Elphin student group photo which must have been taken a few years earlier. See also George's wedding photo, taken in 1926.

Heather Gordon says: "The boys along with their eldest sister Florence grew up on Concession 2, Lot 8, North Sherbrooke Twp. Florence eventually moved to Toronto, never married; George to Toronto became a police officer; Sherman to Detroit, and Gerald to Ottawa working for Ontario Hydro. (He) helped build the dam at High Falls [at Dalhousie Lake, just east of Elphin] and was an Operator there for a long time. The kids' father Sam Gordon was well known for his manufacturing of "Gordon's Salve". Florence and Gerald made it after Sam's death in 1943, and now my mother still makes it. To this day, us Gordon's would never EVER use another salve for cuts and burns because nothing works better."

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