The Garland Family, Christmas, 1919.

Garland family

"My own family. All home on Xmas Day 1919
Age in line.
Dad, Starr Garland, Mother, Nellie Garland, Elmer Garland, Maud Dixon, Diamond Yuill, Grace Johnston, Gladys Goble, George Garland, Vesta Garland."

Original size: 5-1/4 inches wide by 3 inches high.
The lack of snow on "Xmas Day" might indicate a USA location.

November 28, 2002: an email from Barbara Nethercott added much-needed information about this family: " I can identify the family to which the people in the photo belong and, yes, you are correct, it would have been taken in California. My information comes from a small booklet in the Smiths Falls Library on the Empey family. Thomas Garland married Eliza Empey and William Starr Garland was one of their sons. He married Cornelia (Nellie) Wright and their children listed in the booklet as on the picture. Thomas was a stonemason who was involved in the building of the Anglican Church at Eastons Corners where they lived.

" My interest is in the John Garland line. John was brother of Richard, Thomas' father. I have been able to make a copy of the picture for my files. Hopefully, a descendant will see your website and ask for the picture. "

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