Geraldton, Ontario : Strand Theatre Show Bills, 1960's.

Thanks to Ken Johnson, who sent me these three scans – unfortunately his email address no longer works. He says: "I'm sending you examples of three different styles of the Geraldton Strand Theatre upcoming movie hand-out cards. They're basically the same as the weekly promo ads that appeared in the Geraldton Times Star newspaper. It's possible they were printed on salvage card stock of different colours, but that's an assumption on my part. . . . . We used to pick them up as we bought our tickets at the theatre's ticket booth".

Strand Theatre, Geraldton Ontario, show bill

This show bill is no earlier than 1961, as that's when "Love in a Goldfish Bowl" was released. "Dentist in the Chair", "Carthage in Flames", "Passport to China", and "The Millionairess" were released in 1960, and "Force of Arms" was released in 1951.

Strand Theatre, Geraldton Ontario, show bill

Show bill is from 1967 – "Celebrating Canada's Centennial".
Films advertised are: "Dear John" (1964), "The Million Eyes of Sumuru" (1967), "The Spy With a Cold Nose" (1966), and "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (1937).

Strand Theatre, Geraldton Ontario, show bill

Films advertised are: "Critic's Choice" (1963), "California" (1963), "Varan The Unbelievable" (1962), and "Donovan's Reef (1963).

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