Easton's Corners, Ontario :
Victor Norman Grimmett & Harry Vernon Grimmett.

Many thanks to Malcolm Grimmett for these photos.

In an email to me he says: " My father, Victor Norman Grimmett lived and worked near to Easton's Corners from 1926 to 1932 approximately. He returned to the UK in time to marry my mother in 1937. He died in 1976 aged 65. I was born in 1938, am now retired and learning about computers and family history.

" Among dad's things were some photographs which I've attached. The band photo is the Easton's Corners community band, taken July 6, 1930. My Dad is the person kneeling next to the bass drum, holding the clarinet which he played. The other two are dad in front of the house where he stayed(?) The child's name is Cecil, and that is about all I know. The only link to Easton's Corners being (the inscription on) the Band photo.

" Also in dad's things is a man's signet ring still in its ring box engraved with his initials, V G. The name inside the box is W S BELL Jewelry Smiths Falls. He never wore the ring in the UK -- maybe a story there?

" I hope this info will be useful to you and others and I hope some info will come in my direction to help me fill this gap in our family history. It would be nice to hear from relatives of the band members. And who was Cecil? "

In another email of June 25, 2006, Malcolm adds some more information:

" I have a little more information about my father's time in Canada. My cousin, who I had not seen for some 30 years has told me that her father, Harry Vernon Grimmett also went to Canada with my father. He did not stay as long as my father and returned to the UK. . . . . we have no idea who the lad wearing the hat and overcoat is, perhaps somebody will (recognize) him. "

The photos of Harry Vernon Grimmett are at the bottom of this page.

Victor Norman Grimmett, Easton's Corners, Ontario.

Victor Norman Grimmett.

Victor Norman Grimmett, Easton's Corners, Ontario.

The boy's name was Cecil. Nancy Dulmage says he is most likely Cecil Wilson: " I recognize the Wilson house which was built for a doctor at EC in the 19th century. "

Easton's Corners community band, 1930.

Easton's Corners community band, July 6, 1930.
Back row, L to R: John McGrath, Roley Maitland, Douglas Empey, Hubert McDonald, Harold Halpenny.
Front row, L to R: Bill Eberts, Victor Norman Grimmett, Winfred Bonner (Bill), Albert Goodbody, Harry Putnam, Edward Hulse.
Many thanks to Nancy Dulmage for these names.

Victor Norman Grimmett, Easton's Corners, Ontario.

Victor Norman Grimmett "at the locks"

unidentified farm

Unidentified, but may be at the farm where Grimmett worked.

Harry Vernon Grimmett : Where? When?

Harry Vernon Grimmett

Harry Vernon Grimmett and unknown boy

Harry Vernon Grimmett and unknown boy.
Date and place unknown.

Harry Vernon Grimmett

Harry Vernon Grimmett.
Date and place unknown.

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