Master W.J.F. James,
Kemptville or Merrickville, Ontario.

This photo is from an album purchased at a yard sale in Winchester, Ontario. Other photos in the album were taken in studios in Paris France, New York City, Auburn New York, York Pennsylvania, and Curacao West Indies. This photo was the only one dated.

On a sheet of paper inside the album is written in pencil: "Presented to Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Johnston & Family. By Mr. & Mrs. Thos. Hames or Homes" (See bottom image on this page).

The photo is dated Jan. 28th, 1896, and the boy is identified as Master W.J.F. James. The photographer is D. E. Pelton, Kemptville & Merrickville, Ont.

Master W.J.F. James of Kemptville or Merrickville, 1896.
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Presentation inscription inside photo album

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