Kitley Township,
Leeds County, Ontario.
1953 Voters' List.

Kitley Township, Leeds County, Ontario, 1953 Voters' List
1, Jasper; 2, Toledo; 3, Frankville; 4, Athens; 5, Plum Hollow; 6, Jellyby; 7, Eastons Corners; 8, Smiths Falls; 9, Lombardy; 10, Harlem; 11, Chantry; 12, Montreal; 13, Ottawa; 14, Kingston; 15, Markham; 16, Osgoode; 17, Perth; 18, Brockville; 19, Toronto; 20, Matawatchan, 21, Portland; 22, Almonte.

MFNC -- Municipal Franchise not counted for the purpose of determining representation in the County Council; M -- Married; MW -- Married woman; W'er -- widower; W -- widow; B -- bachelor; S -- spinster; FS -- farmer's son; FD -- farmer's daughter; J--juror.

Polling Sub-Division No. 1.

Comprising Lots No. 4 to 7 in the 1st and 2nd Concessions, Lots No. 4 to 15 inclusive, in the 3rd Concession, Lots No. 4 to 16 inclusive and the rear half of Lots No. 17, 18 and 19- in the 4th Concession, Lots 4 to 19 inclusive, in the 5th Concession, Lots No. 4 to 15 inclusive (front half), and Lots No. 16, 17 and 18 in the 6th Concession.

Persons entitled to Vote at both Municipal Elections and Elections to the Legislative Assembly.
Arnold, RaneyM45owner1
Arnold, MaryMW45MFNC1
Arnold, KennethB55owner1J
Arnold, EvaS45F.D.1
Baldwin, StanleyMVL 54owner1J
Baldwin, MinnieMWVL 5 4MFNC1J
Bell, William J.M9-10 3-4owner1J
Bell, CassieMW9-10 3-4MFNC1J
Bell, JamesM9-10 3-4owner1J
Bell, MildredMW9-103-4MFNC1J
Graham, JohnM84tenant1J
Graham, WinnifredMW84MFNC1J
Hainmg, GrantM8 3owner1J
Haining, LotsMW813MFNCIJ
Hanton, WalterW'erVL 38 4owner1J
Harrison, CharlesM4 2owner1J
Harrison, RuthMW42MFNC1J
Hinton, AlvinMVL 38 4tenant1J
Hinton, DorisMWVL 384MFNC1J
Hitchcock, SilasW'er11-135owner1
Hitchcock, IthamarM11-135owner1J
Hitchcock, FernMW11-13 5MFNC1J
Hitchcock, JohnM17 5owner2J
Hitchcock, LilaMW175MFNC2J
Hopkins, ThomasMVL 104owner1J
Hopkins, MartenaMWVL 104MFNC1J
Hughes, KennethM102owner1J
Hughes, HildaMW1012MFNC1J
Hurtiubiz, LeonardM84tenant1
Hurtiubiz, IreneMW84MFNC1
Jacques ThomasM145owner1J
Jacques, EllaMW145MFNC1J
Jones, JosephM13 5owner1
Jones, EileenMW135MFNC1
Judge, ThomasW'er75owner1J
Kerr, EstellaS8 4owner1
Kerr, MayS8 4owner1J
Kerr, EnochM6 2owner1J
Kerr, IreneMW6 2MFNC1
King, HarryMVL 4 4owner1J
King, LorettaMWVL 4 4MFNC1J
Kinch, AltonM11-125-6owner1J
Kinch, RachaelMW11-125-6MFNC1J
Kinch, CecilM126owner1J
Kinch, RetaMW126MFNC1J
Kinch, NormanM53owner1J
Kinch, MaudMW53owner1J
Kinch, RobertM106owner1J
Kinch, AnnaMW10 6MFNC1J
Kinch, Richard N.M106owner1J
Kinch, MayMW106MFNC1J
Kinch, Wm. J.M10-115owner1J
Kinch, VeraMW10-115MFNC1J
Latourneau, WilfredM154owner2J
Latourneau, TheressaMW15 4MFNC2J
Lemax, J. W.M6-7 5-6owner1
Lemax, CatharineMW6-75-6MFNC1
Lemax, JohnM6-75-6owner1J
Lemax, NellieMW6-75-6MFNC1J
Lockwood, I. E.M13-145owner1J
Lockwood, Mary G.MW13-145MFNC1J
Lockwood, WilmaS13-14 5F.D.1
Lyons, JohnM18-195owner2J
Lyons, BellaMW18-19 5MFNC2
Miller, HarryMVL 7 4tenant1J
Miller, LorettaMWVL 7 4MFNC1J
Montgomery, DelMVL 123-4owner1J
Montgomery, EdnaMWVL 123-4MFNC1J
Morrissey, JamesB8-93owner1
Morrissey, NeilB8-9 3tenant1J
Munro, EdwardM18 5tenant2J
Munro, LuellaMW18 5MFNC2J
Myers, ThomasM133owner1J
Myers, AnnaMW133MFNC1J
McDougall, RalphM4 3owner1J
McDougall, DoreenMW4 3MFNC1J
McGrath, GarnetMVL 54owner1J
McGrath, EffieMWVL 5 4MFNC1J
McKenzie, WilliamB13 5owner1
McKian, NicholasMVL 84owner1J
McKian, MarionMWVL 84MFNC1J
McMullen, HildaW12-13-144-5owner2J
McTavish, CarolineW124owner1
McTavish, DaisyW113owner1
Nixon, LoranceM5 6owner1J
Nixon, DorothyMW56MFNC1J
O'Callaghan, GeraldM135owner1J
O'Callaghan, MargaretMW135MFNC1J
Ogilvie, BlancheW135owner1
Parks, KathleenMW93MFNC1
Patterson, MyrtleW4 4tenant1
Phillips, CarswellW'er8 3tenant1
Phillips, EricM135owner1J
Phillips, BerniceMW135MFNC1J
Polk, MertonM18-19 4owner2J
Polk, GertrudeMW18-19 4MFNC2J
Polk, WilliamW'er18 5owner2
Polk, LawrenceB185F.S.2
Powell, H. C.W'er8 3tenant1
Price, AldenMVL 44owner1J
Price, EthelMWVL 44MFNC1J
Price, CecilMVL 1-2 4owner1J
Price, EdithMWVL 1-24MFNC1J
Price, LenaWVL 4 4owner1
Price, RoyM14-16 4owner1J
Price, MaryMW14-164MFNC1J
Purcell, JohnM71owner1J
Purcell, GermaineMW71MFNC1J
Rhoden, FredM155tenant1
Rhoden, ElizaMW15 5MFNC1
Rice, AlexMVL 8 4owner1J
Rice, MaryMWVL 84MFNC1J
Rice, WilliamM72owner1
Rice, LeitaMW72MFNC1J
Ronan, Wm. J.M12-133owner1J
Ronan, Anna G.MW12-133MFNC1J
Rundle, CharlesM73owner1
Sansome, ErnestM5-63owner1J
Sansome, JanetMW5-63MFNC1J
Scouten, PercyM15 4owner2J
Scouten, EthelMW15 4MFNC2J
Simzer, RayM54tenant1
Simzer, MargaretMW54MFNC1
Street, MortonM11 6owner1J
Street, EstellaMW11 6MFNC1J
Thompson, RobertM4-52owner1J
Thompson, GraceMW4-52MFNC1J
Thompson, MaryW52owner1
Wainman, CecilMVL 4 4owner1J
Wainman, MarjorieMWVL 4 4MFNC1J
Walsh, WilliamM186owner2J
Walsh, RoseMW186MFNC2J
Warner, DorettaWVL 54owner1J
Whiting, PearlW15-16 4owner2
Whiting, RussellM15-16 4F.S.2J
Whiting, BettyMW15-164MFNC2J
Willows, LloydM15-163F.S.2
Willows, VivianMW15-16 3MFNC2
Willows, RoyM15-163owner2J
Willows, LillianMW15-16 3MFNC2J
Willows, GlenM15-163F.S.2
Wright, CecilM5-6 4owner1J
Wright, GraceMW5-64MFNC1J
Wright, FlorrieWVL 136MFNC1J
Wright, W. J.M13-146owner1J
Wright, GlennaMW13-146MFNC1J
Yaros, WilliamM103owner1J
Yaros, VernaMW103MFNC1J

Persons Entitled to Vote at Municipal Elections Only.
Connerty, MabelVL 6-7-84owner8
Fitzgerald, FrankVL 94owner1
Fitzgerald, LillianVL 94MFNC1
Henniger, M. G.133owner8
Jones, EdwinVL 64owner1
Jones, AudreyVL 64MFNC1
Kinch, Mrs. Eber11-125owner15
Lemax, Harold41-2owner1
Lemax, Mrs. Harold41-2MFNC1
Lucas, RobertVL 74owner10
Lucas, Mrs. RobertVL 74MFNC10
Maloney, James114owner1
Ovington, Earle66owner8
Ovington, Mrs. Earle66MFNC8
Pattemore, Wilfred81owner8
Pattemore, Jean81MFNC8
Porter, John5-61owner8
Ryan, Mabel4owner8
Smith, Hubert84owner1
Smith, Mrs. Hubert84MFNC1
Wallace, FredVL 54owner1
Wallace, DorothyVL 54owner1

Polling Sub-Division No. 2.

Comprising the rear half of Lots Nos. 20 to 29 inclusive and Lot No. 30 in the 4th Concession, Lots No. 20 to 30 inclusive in the 5th Concession, Lots No. 19 to 30 inclusive in the 6th Concession, and Lots No. 16 to 27 inclusive in the 7th Concession.

Persons entitled to Vote at both Municipal Elections
and Elections to the Legislative Assembly.
Baker, CharlesM276owner2J
Baker, MurielMW276MFNC2J
Baker, JohnM207owner2J
Baker, BessieMW207MFNC2J
Bellamy, GeorgeM227owner2
Bellamy, LorraineMW227MFNC2J
Bennett, EdgnrM205tenant2J
Berney, Mon.M197tenant2J
Berney, RachaelMW197MFNC2
Bernicky, JamesM207owner2J
Bernicky, MyrtleMW207MFNC2J
Bruce, WilliamMVL 167MFNC2J
Bruce, IreneMWVL 167owner2J
Bums, JohannaWVL 307tenant2
Carr, JosephW'er227owner2
Code, NinaWVL 257MFNC2J
Code, RussellBVL 257owner2J
Coughlin, ClementM245owner2J
Coughlin, VioletMW245MFNC2J
Coughlin, JamesM19-204owner2J
Coughlin, MayMW19-204MFNC2J
Coughlin, StephenM19-204F.S.2
Coughlin, BerthaMW19-204MFNC2J
Coughlin, PeterB21-224owner2J
Crummy, LorneM28-296owner2
Crummy, MildredMW28-296MFNC2J
Dillabough, PhoebeW21-227MFNC2
Delaney, WilliamM254MFNC2
Delaney, NoraMW254owner2
DeWoIfe, LloydMVL 287owner2J
DeWoIfe, MurielMWVL 287MFNC2J
Dodd, GeorgeB20-215tenant2
Dodd, JohnM20-214-5owner2J
Dodd, EthelMW20-214-5MFNC2J
Dodd, MargaretS20-214-5F.D.2
Donaldson, ArchieM18-20-216-7owner2J
Donaldson, ViolaMW18-20-216-7MFNC2
Donovan, MichaelM25-264owner2
Donovan, MinnieMW25-264MFNC2
Donovan, MarcellaS25-264F.D.2
Donovan, LambertB25-264F.S.2
Donovan, VincentB265owner2J
Donovan, JosephM27-284owner2J
Donovan, HelenMW27-284MFNC2J
Donovan, C. B.W'er274owner2J
Donovan, LeoB274F.S.2
Drummond, HildaWVL 47tenant2J
Drummond, Earle LMVL 357owner2J
Drummond, ClaraMWVL 357MFNC2J
Drummond, HolmesM27-285owner2J
Drummond, GraceMW27-285MFNC2J
Drummond, RobertM295owner2J
Drummond, EleanorMW295MFNC2J
Drummond, T. A.MVL 347owner2
Drummond, EllenMWVL 347MFNC2
Dunham, GeraldM24-287-8owner2J
Dunham, EvaMW24-287-8MFNC2J
Dunham, HarryM24-277owner2J
Dunham, NormaMW24-277MFNC2J
Eaton, CarlMVL 436owner2J
Eaton, RenaMWVL 436MFNC2J
Eaton, CliffordM20-226owner2J
Eaton, MinnieMW20-226MFNC2
Eaton, R. R.M22-236owner2J
Eaton, EdnaMW22-236MFNC2J
Eaton, WendellM227tenant2J
Emmons, WalterMVL 317tenant2
Emmons, PearlMWVL 317MFNC2J
Eyre, AddieWVL 496tenant2
Eyre, ElledaSVL 496tenant2
Foley, HaroldMVL 147tenant2J
Foley, JeanMWVL 147MFNC2J
Freeman, HubertMVL 307owner2J
Freeman, LeonaMWVL 307MFNC2J
Gardiner, OrvilleMVL 576tenant2J
Gardiner, BessieMWVL 576MFNC2J
Gardiner, RoyMVL 297owner2
Gardiner, GraceMWVL 297MFNC2
Garvin, LillianSVL 576owner2
Garvin, MamieSVL 54-566owner2
Gray, CliffordMVL 376owner2J
Gray, BessieMWVL 376MFNC2J
Gray, CharlieMVL 386tenant2J
Gray, MargaretMWVL 386MFNC2J
Hamilton, LorneM266tenant2J
Hamilton, MarieMW266MFNC2J
Harte, MelvinMVL 127owner2
Harte, EileenMWVL 127MFNC2
Healey, RayMVL 177owner2J
Healey, DonnaMWVL 177MFNC2J
Healy, YatesM227owner2J
Healy, LizaMW227MFNC2J
Heffernan, JohnM227owner2J
Heffernan, EdithMW227MFNC2
Hutchings, ThomasM205owner2
Hutchings, AgnesMW205MFNC2
Johnston, KennethMVL 476owner2J
Johnston, VeraMWVL 476MFNC2J
Judge, ClearyMVL 357owner2J
Judge, TheressaMWVL 357MFNC2J
Judge, KathleenWVL 49-506tenant2J
Kelly, PeterM29-303-4owner2J
Kelly, GertrudeMW29-303-4MFNC2J
Kilborn, RossMVL 21-496-7owner2J
Kilborn, OuidaMWVL 207owner2J
Lawson, GeraldM247tenant2J
Lawson, ViolaMW247MFNC2J
Lewis, HarryMVL 227owner2J
Lewis, AnnaMWVL 227MFNC2J
Livingston, LydiaSVL 327owner2J
Livingston, AnnaSVL 327MFNC2
Livingston, CharlotteSVL 327MFNC2
Livingston, JohnBVL 327MFNC2
Lockwood, ElginMVL 117owner2J
Lockwood, LillianMWVL 117MFNC2J
Luckey, E. G.MVL 137owner2
Luckey, MarthaMWVL 137MFNC2J
Miller, EvaW235owner2J
Mott, LloydMVL 398owner2J
Mott, EllenMWVL 396MFNC2
Myers, LeonardM207owner2J
Myers, MaryMW207owner2J
MacDonnell, ArchieM256owner2J
MacDonnell, GraceMW256MFNC2J
MacDonnell, RobertB256F.S.2J
MacDonnell, DorothyMW256MFNC2
McCoy, W. W.BVL 187owner2J
McCoy, LauraWVL 187MFNC2
McClure, DentonMVL 2-3-4-56MFNC2
McClure, MildredMWVL 2-3-4-56owner2J
McClure, DuncanW'erVL 137tenant2
O'Hearn, G.BVL 756tenant2
Phillips, M. G.M19-206owner2J
Phillips, GladysMW19-206MFNC2J
Pratt, MarySVL 556owner2
Pryce, CharlesW'erVL 97owner2
Rawlings, JohnMVL 157tenant2
Rawlings, MaryMWVL 157MFNC2
Riley, Geo. A.M29-305owner2J
Riley, HazelMW29-305MFNC2J
Ronan, AnnaW237owner2
Ronan, MaryW237owner2
Rose, BenW'er21-227tenant2
Seymour, AlbertB246owner2
Seymour, LouiseS246owner2
Seymour, W. H.M287owner2
Seymour, LenaMW287MFNC2
Seward, FredM306owner2
Seward, ChristinaMW306MFNC2
Smith, LeoB23-246owner2
Smith, MichaelW'er16-177owner2
Struthers, GarnetMVL 496tenant2J
Struthers, LilaMWVL 496MFNC2J
Talbot, WinfredM277owner2J
Talbot, MaudMW277MFNC2J
Tempest, RoseWVL 54-566tenant2
Walsh, JamesMVL 277owner2
Walsh, CatherineMWVL 277MFNC2
Weldon, JackMVL 147tenant2J
Weldon, MayMWVL 147MFNC2
Whalen, WorthyMVL 87tenant2J
Whalen, ClaraMWVL 87MFNC2J
Willoughby, ErnestM246owner2J
Willoughby, MaryMW246MFNC2J
Young GeorgeMVL 496owner2J
Young, IrisMWVL 496MFNC2J

Persons Entitled to Vote at Municipal Elections Only.
Cleary, R. J.21-227owner22
Freeman, Anthony306owner2
Freeman, Joseph306owner2
Garvin, LambertVL 54-566owner2
Giffin, HillVL 317owner20
Hull, ParkerVL 546owner8
Hull, LilyVL 546MFNC8
Hutchings, Charlie205owner2
Leeder, Max.296owner12
Riley, William295owner2
Riley, Fleta295MFNC2
Walker, Delbert29-304owner2
Walker, Doris29-304MFNC2
Walker, Robert29-304owner2
Whitmore, JamesVL 87owner5
Whitmore, HelenVL 87MFNC5

Polling Sub-Division No. 3

Comprising Lots Nos. 28 to 30, inclusive, in the 7th Concession, and Lots Nos. 19 to 30 inclusive, in the 8th, 9th and 10th Concessions.

Persons entitled to Vote at both Municipal Elections
and Elections to the Legislative Assembly.
Allen, ElsieW2110owner3J
Allen, SeymourM2110owner3J
Allen, AnnaMW2110MFNC3J
Armstrong, BordenB2010tenant3J
Ayland, CharlesMVL 278owner3
Ayland, Mary J.MWVL 278MFNC3
Barber, ArthurM209owner3J
Barber, RenaMW209MFNC3J
Barber, KendallB209F.S.3
Berney, BryceM228tenant3J
Berney, LeoraMW228MFNC3J
Booth, GordonM2110owner3J
Booth, MabelMW2110MFNC3J
Brown, WalterW'er209owner3
Bernicky, FrancesMVL 109tenant3J
Brundige, CollinsM219owner3J
Brundige, LoisMW219MFNC3J
Brundige, NobleMVL 219owner3J
Brundige, HildaMWVL 219MFNC3J
Brundige, OrvilleM208owner8J
Bryan, HaroldM24-257-9owner3J
Bryan, WilhelmineMW24-257-9MFNC3J
Bryan, Wm. T.M218tenant3J
Bryan, AddieMW218MFNC3J
Bryan, DonaldMVL 258tenant3J
Bryan, CoraMWVL 258MFNC3J
Bryan, DouglasMVL 219owner3J
Burns, DollieWVL 288owner3
Burns, JosephMVL 228owner3J
Burns, MadelineMWVL 228MFNC3J
Cardiff, JuliaWVL 618owner3J
Carr, ClaytonM2110owner3J
Carr, IdaMW2110MFNC3J
Carr, IdaWVL 129owner3
Cannon, DonaldMVL 559tenant3J
Cannon, MinnieMWVL 559MFNC3J
Chant, PerleyB29-309tenant4J
Chant, DorisMW29-309MFNC4J
Cauley, JohnW'er298owner3J
Cameron, VictorMVL 109tenant3J
Cameron, RetaMWVL 109MFNC3J
Crummy, AlbertMVL 279owner3
Crummy, KathleenMWVL 279MFNC3
Davidson, LawrenceM2110owner3J
Davidson, VerdaMW2110MFNC3J
Davidson, LeonardW'erVL 109tenant3J
Davis, AlfredMVL 388tenant3
Davis, MamieMWVL 388MFNC3
Dawson, JamesMVL 648tenant3J
Dawson, OliveMWVL 648MFNC3J
Derbyshire, ByronBVL 628owner3J
Dowden, W. C. E.W'er28-299-10owner4
Eamer, KennethMVL 19owner3J
Eamer, MabelMWVL 19MFNC3J
Eaton, GarfieldM20-278owner3J
Eaton, GeorginaMW208owner3J
Eaton, HubertM26-279owner3J
Eaton, WinnieMW26-279MFNC3J
Eaton, RonaldM23-249-10owner3J
Eaton, EstherMW23-249-10MFNC3J
Edmunds, CliffordM2710owner4J
Edmunds, PhyllisMW2710MFNC4J
Edwards, HowardMVL 21-228owner3J
Edwards, VeraMWVL 21-228MFNC3J
Ellis, GordonMVL 628owner3J
Ellis, HelenMWVL 628MFNC3J
Ellis, JamesMVL 258MFNC3J
Ellis, FletaMWVL 258owner3J
Foley, ElmerM21-2210owner3J
Foley, VeraMW21-2210MFNC3J
Frank, GeorgeM1910owner6J
Frank, VioletMW1910MFNC6J
Frank, John M.M2010owner6J
Frank, NoraMW2010MFNC6J
Freeman, WilliamM22-23-248-9owner3J
Freeman, LillianMW22-23-248-9MFNC3J
Freeman, WildaS22-23-248-9F.D.3
Gardiner, ViolaSVL 618owner3
Giffin, ArthurM228owner3J
Giffin, LauraMW228MFNC3J
Graham, J. E.M1910owner3J
Graham, JeanMW1910MFNC3J
Graham, MyrtleS1910MFNC3J
Hamilton, StewartMVL 658owner3J
Hamilton, HannahMWVL 658MFNC3J
Hanton, WallaceMVL 12-139owner3J
Hanton, VenaMWVL 12-139MFNC3J
Hanton, MinnieW119owner3
Hart, GeorgeMVL 419tenant3
Hart, VestaMWVL 419MFNC3
Hart, JohnMVL 569tenant3
Hart, IleachMWVL 569MFNC3
Hayes, RichardM229owner3J
Hayes, MarionMW229MFNC3J
Healey, NealB287F.S.2
Holmes, ArthurMVL 2-39owner3J
Holmes, JeannineMWVL 2-39MFNC3J
Holmes, DoraWVL 2-39owner3
Horsefield, ThomasM249owner3J
Horsefield, FlorenceMW249MFNC3J
Ireland, BessieW2010owner3J
Ireland, CliffordB2010F.S.3
Ireland, RayM219owner3J
Ireland, JoyceMW219MFNC3J
Jackson, WilliamM2210owner3J
Jackson, JeanetteMW2210MFNC3J
Johnston, MurillaWVL 248owner3
Johnston, LauraSVL 248owner3J
Johnston, ClaudeM22-2310owner4J
Johnston, GeraldineMW22-2310MFNC4J
Johnston, GuyB22-2310F.S.4
Johnston, GrantB22-2310F.S.4
Johnston, GilbertB22-2310F.S.4
Johnston, DwightMVL 219tenant3J
Johnston, EdithMWVL 219MFNC3J
Jones ErnestW'er199tenant3
Judson, FlossieW239tenant3
Kilborn, AlfredM28-308-10owner4
Kilborn, SarahMW28-308-10MFNC4
Kilborn, HaroldM309owner4J
Kilborn, HazelMW309MFNC4J
Knapp, Orrie.M2810owner4J
Knapp, EleanorMW2810MFNC4J
Knapp, ThomasM2910owner4J
Knapp, LoisMW2910MFNC4J
Lawson, HerbertM29-3010owner4J
Lawson, DorothyMW29-3010MFNC4J
Leeder, J. C.M29-307-8owner2J
Leeder, FlorenceMW29-307-8MFNC2J
Leeder, WilfredM29-307-8F.S.2
Leeder, JeanMW29-307-8MFNC2
Livingston, CharlieB29-3010tenant4
Livingston, ClovicaW29-3010MFNC4
Livingston, PhillipM3010owner4
Livingston, AnnaMW3010MFNC4
Loshaw, HaroldM2410tenant3J
Loshaw, MarjorieMW2410MFNC3J
Loucks, GeorgeM209owner3J
Loucks, AnnaMW209MFNC3J
Loucks, AnettaW209owner3
Loucks, GilmourB209F.S.3
Loucks, RolandM229owner3J
Loucks, GladysMW229MFNC3J
Lloyd, DavidBVL 2-39tenant3
Mackie, EldonMVL 608tenant3J
Mackie, WilmaMWVL 608MFNC3J
Mackie, FrancisMVL 258owner3J
Mackie, VeraMWVL 258MFNC3J
Maxwell, CarlM28-299owner3J
Maxwell, FlorenceMW28-299MFNC3J
Mercier, EdwardMVL 39tenant3J
Mercier, AnnMWVL 39MFNCJ
Mercier, GeraldM19-208tenant3
Mercier, JoyceMW19-208MFNC3
Miller, TomMVL 419tenant3
Miller, OpalMWVL 419MFNC3
Montgomery, ErnestM268owner3J
Montgomery, EttaMW268MFNC3J
Montgomery, ManfordM25-268-9owner3J
Montgomery, MarionMW25-268-9MFNC3J
Moore, NetterfieldMVL 49owner3J
Moore, MyrtleMWVL 49MFNC3J
Moran, GeraldMVL 189owner3J
Moran, DoreenMWVL 189MFNC3J
Morrison, MaggieMW3010tenant4
McBain, RonaldM219owner3J
McBain, KathleenMW219MFNC3J
McNichol, RonaldM2210owner3J
McNichol, LauraMW2210MFNC3J
Niblock, RaymondM309tenant4J
Niblock, VeraMW309MFNC4J
Pattemore, AlbertM2610owner4J
Pattemore, MargaretMW2610MFNC4J
Pattemore, HaroldM2610F.S.4
Pattemore, MarionMW2610MFNC4
Pattemore, HowardB2610F.S.4
Pattemore, OliverB26I0F.S.4
Pepper, ElwoodM2510tenant4J
Pepper, ViolaMW2510MFNC4J
Pierce, GeorgeBVL 2-39tenant3
Phillips, ElizabethWVL 14-159owner3
Price, Fred.MVL 559owner3
Price, MyrtleMWVL 559MFNC3
Price, GeorgeW'erVL 559owner3
Prosser, HildaW2010MFNC3
Rae, James, Jr.M18-198owner3J
Rae, AlmaMW18-198MFNC3J
Richards, JohnM21-2210tenant3
Richards, SarahMW21-2210MFNC3
Sands, CharlesM219owner3J
Sands Ida BellMW219MFNC3J
Sands, GeraldM219owner3J
Sands, DorothyMW219MFNC3J
Soper, LeslieM11-228owner3
Soper, EthelMW11-228MFNC3
Soper, WesleyBVL 14-159owner3
Strikefoot, EdnaS269owner3
Strikefoot, DonaldM2410owner3J
Strikefoot, EdithMW2410MFNC3J
Street, CecilM199owner3J
Street, VivianMW199MFNC3J
Toxopeus, PieterM27-289owner3
Wescombe, JohnM2510tenant3
Wescombe, JuliaMW2510MFNC3
Wilkins, HelenS208MFNC3
Whitehead, CharlesM228tenant3
Whitehead, ElizabethMW228MFNC3
Wood, JamesM2710owner4J
Wood, MarionMW2710MFNC4J
Yates, EricM308F.S.2
Yates, HelenMW308MFNC2
Yates, WilfredM308owner2J
Yates, NoraMW308MFNC2J

Persons Entitled to Vote at Municipal Elections Only.
Chant, Joe29-309owner4
Giffin, CharlesVL 109owner8
Giffin, BerthaVL 109MFNC8
Hewitt, Joe228owner21
Hewitt, Mrs. Joe228MFNC21
Healey, Mary308owner2
Henderson, Mackie2810owner4
Henderson, Mrs. M.2810MFNC4
Morrison, Gerald3010owner4
Morrison, Mrs. G.3010MFNC4
Mailing, Inez2810owner4
Mott, Frank2510owner4
Perrin, Ida3010owner4
Shaffer, Anna199owner
Whitmore, Wm.307owner5
Whitmore, Mrs. Wm.317MFNC5

Polling Sub-Division No. 4

Comprising Lots No. 4 to 15, inclusive, in the 7th Concession, and Lots No. 4 to 18 inclusive, in the 8th, 9th and 10th Concessions.

Persons entitled to Vote at both Municipal Elections
and Elections to the Legislative Assembly.
Arch, AlfredM1210owner6J
Arch, EmmaMW1210MFNC6J
Bates, Wm. H.M610owner3
Bates, Mary E.MW610MFNC3
Bennett, RayM13-196-10owner3J
Bennett, LornaMW13-196-10MFNC3J
Cannon, ClarenceB15-1610owner3J
Cannon, BerthaW15-1610MFNC3
Clark, HaroldM87owner7J
Clark, DellaMW87MFNC7J
Cole, GarnetM1410owner6J
Cole, ArlineMW1410MFNC6J
Cole, OscarM1510owner6J
Cole, HazelMW1510MFNC6J
Convery, R. J.M1210owner3
Convery, IlaMW1210MFNC3
Coote, CleveM13-168-9owner3J
Coote, HazelMW13-168-9MFNC3J
Coote, VeldonM13-168-9owner3
Coote, BarbaraMW13-168-9MFNC3
Cullen, Ken.M47owner7J
Cullen, HelenMW47MFNC7J
Davis, DonaldM168-9owner3J
Davis, VeraMW168-9MFNC3J
Davis, KeebleM9-167-9tenant3J
Davis, MinnieMW9-167-9MFNC3J
Desaulniers, RitaMW49MFNC7
Ellis, HenryM910owner3J
Ellis, LillianMW910MFNC3J
Ferguson, ElmerM56-8owner7J
Ferguson, DoreenMW56-8MFNC7J
Ferguson, FrancesW5-66-7-8owner7J
Ferguson, ArthurB5-66-7-8F.S.7
Franks, AnthonyM17-18.9owner7J
Franks, MargaretMW17-189MFNC7J
Gill, James, Sr.M67tenant7
Gill, MabelMW67MFNC7
Gray, Wm. T.B97owner7J
Ireland, WilfredM1810tenant3J
Ireland, EstherMW1810MFNC3J
Jelly, CarlM5-6-710F.S.3
Jelly, MarthaMW5-6-710MFNC3
Jelly, MortonM5-6-710owner3
Jelly, AdaMW5-6-710MFNC3
Jelly, William A.M5-6-7-88-9owner7J
Jelly, OpalMW5-6-7-88-9MFNC7J
Kennedy, HiliaryB4-77owner7J
Kennedy, WilliamB67owner7J
Laming, GeraldM149owner3J
Laming, GlenoraMW149MFNC3J
Leacock, CliffordM9-107-8owner7J
Leacock, LenaMW9-107-8MFNC7J
Leacock, ArthurM9-107-8F.S.7J
Leacock, MaryMW9-107-8MFNC7J
Leacock, JohnB117owner7
Logan, TalmadgeB1010owner3J
Martin, MyrtleW67MFNC7J
Mercier, VincentM178tenant3J
Mercier, IdaMW178MFNC3J
Mercier, MyrtleS148owner3
Montgomery, MortonM12-158-9owner3J
Montgomery, EileenMW12-158-9MFNC3J
Morrison, Alex.M10-11-129owner3J
Morrison, GertrudeMW10-11-129MFNC3J
Morrison, Bert.M1110owner3J
Morrison, GertrudeMW1110MFNC3J
Morrison, ClementW'er7-89-10owner7J
Morrison, CharlieM49owner7J
Morrison, IrisMW49MFNC7J
Morrison, ElmerB7-8-98-9owner7J
Morrison, HowardB7-8-98owner7J
Morrison, MaryS7-8-98owner7J
Morrison, Robert A.M168-9owner3
Morrison, MabelMW168-9MFNC3
Morrison, AlanB168-9F.S.3
Morrison, BettyS168-9F.D.3
Morrison, WilliamM10-139-10owner3
Morrison, VictoriaMW10-139-10MFNC3
Moran, HenryW136owner3
McCarthy, JohnM179owner3J
McCarthy, MaryMW179MFNC3J
McLaren, GeorgeM77owner7
McLaren, LouiseMW77MFNC7
Perkins, Ben.M16-1710owner6J
Perkins, HannahMW16-1710MFNC6J
Price, LorneM4-5-68owner7J
Price, AnnaMW4-5-68MFNC7J
Price, CalvinB4-5-68F.S.7
Rae, Jas., Sr.M188owner3
Rae, JessieMW188MFNC3
Reynolds, WilliamM9-10-188-9owner3
Reynolds, LavinaMW9-10-188-9MFNC3
Rice, Fred.M11-126-7owner7
Rice, EmilyMW11-126-7MFNC7
Rice, MerrillM189tenant3J
Rice, PearlMW189MFNC3J
Rockey, CliffordW'er67-8owner7
Scott, MathewM410owner3J
Scott, IvaMW710owner3J
Steacy, ThomasM188owner3
Steacy, VernaMW188MFNC3J
Steacy, Wm.B188F.S.3
Timlin, WalterM1610owner3J
Timlin, InezMW1610MFNC3J
Westerman AllanM1010tenant3J
Westerman, HildaMW1010MFNC3J
Wood, HenryM12-137owner1
Wood, FlorenceMW12-137MFNC1
Wood, CecilB12-137F.S.1

Persons Entitled to Vote at Municipal Elections Only.
Ashford, Arthur11-128-9owner13
Ashford, Vera11-128-9MFNC13
Blake, James410owner6
Blake, Emily410MFNC6
Barrington, Wm.1410owner8
Barrington, Mrs. W.1410MFNC8
Chant, Lauretta712owner11
Davis, Frances15-167-8-9owner4
Ferguson, Bertha48owner7
Ferguson, T. E.137owner7
Hannah, Thomas98owner7
Logan, William1810owner6
Logan, Queenie1310MFNC6
Moore, Gladys7-88owner6
O'Neill, Hugh710owner6
Rowsome, W. G.810owner18
Rowsome Helen810MFNC18

Polling Sub-Division No. 5

Comprising Lots Nos. 8 and 30 inclusive, in the 1st and 2nd Concessions and Lots Nos. 17and 30, inclusive, in the 3rd Concession, and the front half of Lots Nos. 17 to 29, inclusive, in the 4th Concession.

Persons entitled to Vote at both Municipal Elections
and Elections to the Legislative Assembly.
Bass, MerrilM291tenant9J
Bass, MarionMW291MFNC9J
Bass, OrmondM301owner9J
Bass, CarolineMW301MFNC9J
Bell, William E.M19-203-4owner2J
Bell, OliveMW19-203-4 F. Sis. 2
Bennett, JamesW'er262-3owner2J
Bennett, ReginaldB262-3F.S.2
Bennett, LawrenceM262-3F.S.2
Bennett, DoreenMW262-3MFNC2
Blanchard, SpencerM25-261-2tenant9J
Blanchard, VelmaMW25-261-2MFNC9J
Blanchard, GordonM26-271owner9J
Blanchard, InezMW26-271MFNC9J
Botham, CarmanM223owner2J
Botham, GladysMW223MFNC2J
Botham, GordonM161-2owner8J
Botham, EdnaMW161-2MFNC8J
Botham, WalterM203owner8J
Botham, DorisMW203MFNC8J
Carr, AllenM19-202owner8J
Carr, MargaretMW19-202MFNC8J
Carr, SethM182owner8J
Carr, EthelMW182MFNC8J
Cauley, JustinM21-223owner2J
Cauley, MarieMW21-223MFNC2J
Cauley, ThomasM19-243owner2J
Cauley, CeciliaMW19-243MFNC2J
Cauley, JosephB19-243F.S.2
Chapman, ForrestM24-251owner9J
Chapman, IdaMW24-251MFNC9J
Coleman, ReginaldM244owner2J
Coleman, ThoraMW244MFNC2J
Dack ElmerM27-283owner2J
Dack, GoldieMW27-283MFNC2J
Dack, WilbertB27-283owner2J
Dermady, JamesM272owner9
Dermady, SadieMW272MFNC9
Derrig, DanielM173owner2J
Derrig, MaryMW173MFNC2J
Doherty, GordonM9-102owner1J
Doherty, MarionMW9-102MFNC1J
Donovan, Wm. J.M24-253owner2
Donovan, MaryMW24-253MFNC2
Donovan, GeorgeB24-253F.S.2
Driver, ElmerB164owner2J
Evans StanleyB182owner8J
Ferguson, WilliamM181owner8
Ferguson, VioletMW181MFNC8
Ferguson, DelbertM191-2owner8
Ferguson, GeraldineMW191-2MFNC8J
Ferguson, EberB201-2owner8
Findlay, JamesM142owner8J
Findlay, HelenMW142MFNC8J
Foley, JohnM291tenant9J
Foley, DorisMW291MFNC9J
Garvin, BernardM29-303-4-5owner2J
Garvin, ChristinaMW29-303-4-5MFNC2J
Garvin, MichaelM282-3owner2
Garvin, KathrynMW282-3MFNC2
Garvin, WilliamM282-3F.S.2
Garvin, MargaretMW282-3MFNC2
Hewitt, ArchieW'er11-12-131owner8
Hewitt, CollinsM101owner8J
Hewitt, LauraMW101MFNC8J
Hewitt, JosephM13-l41owner8J
Hewitt, RetaMW13-141MFNC8J
Hewitt, OrvalM132owner1J
Hewitt, HelenMW132MFNC1J
Holmes, EdwinM152owner8J
Holmes, MaryMW152MFNC8J
Hughes, CliffordM191owner8J
Hughes, InezMW191MFNC8J
Hughes, CecilB191F.S.8
Jordan, JohnM21-221owner9J
Jordan, MaryMW21-221MFNC9J
Jones, ClarenceM224owner2
Jones, PearlMW224MFNC2
Jones, Wm.M122owner1
Jones, DorisMW122MFNC1
Kingon, MargaretW302owner9
Matthews, JamesM141tenant8J
Matthews, EileenMW141MFNC8J
Maloney, VesterB122owner1J
McCabe, Wm. J.M82owner1J
McCabe, ClaraMW82owner1J
McKim, BerniceW11-131MFNC8
Niblock, ClarenceM20-222owner8J
Niblock, NormaMW20-222MFNC8J
Niblock, EarlM20-222owner8J
Niblock, LeitaMW20-222MFNC8J
Phillips, KennethM17-182-3owner2J
Phillips, KeithaMW17-182-3MFNC2J
Pratt, SeymourM21-223-4owner2
Pratt, MargaretMW21-223-4MFNC2
Pratt, JamesB21-223-4F.S.2
Purcell, ArvillaS173owner2J
Purcell, EdnaS173owner2J
Pye, BernardM20-212owner8J
Pye, VioletMW20-212MFNC8J
Robb, EdgarB22-233-4owner2J
Robb, OrrieM11-122owner8J
Robb, BerniceMW11-122MFNC8J
Robb, FlorenceW11-122MFNC8
South, ClarenceB122owner8J
Smith, StewartM122tenant8J
Smith, MarjorieMW122MFNC8J
South, HaroldM112owner1J
South, AnnaMW112MFNC1J
South, AngusB1-51owner8J
Street, HubertM23-24-251-2owner9J
Street, EthelMW23-24-251-2MFNC9J
Watkins, Wm.B302tenant9
Wilson, SadieW201MFNC9
Wood, ClaudeW'er201owner9J

Persons Entitled to Vote at Municipal Elections Only.
Barker, Ralph302-3owner8
Barker, Mrs. R.302-3MFNC8
Blanchard, Charlie25-261-2owner9
Blanchard, Elma25-261-2MFNC9
Blanchard, Manford281owner9
Blanchard, Alma281MFNC9
Couttes, George282owner17
Couttes, Mrs. Geo.282MFNC17
Douglas, Meighen132owner8
Flake, Everton152owner16
Goodfellow, Mary151owner19
Healey, Sophia24-253owner9
Hewitt, Fred.171owner8
Hewitt, Maud171MFNC8
Moorhouse, Steacy171owner9
McWilliams, Charles281owner9

Certificate to be endorsed on Part I. of the Voters' List :

I, Roy B. Gardiner, Clerk of the Municipality of Kitley, in the County of Leeds, certify that the within list being the first part of the voters' list constitutes a correct list for the year 1953 of all persons appearing by the last assessment roll to be entitled to vote at both elections for members of the Legislative Assembly and Municipal Elections in the said Municipality, and I hereby call upon all voters to take immediate proceedings to have any omissions or errors corrected according to law.

Dated this 28th day of July, 1953.

Clerk of Kitley.

Certificate to be endorsed on Part II. of the Voters' List :

I, Roy B. Gardiner, Clerk of the Municipality of Kitley, in the County of Leeds, certify that the within list being the second part of the voters' list constitutes a correct list for the year 1953 of all persons appearing by the last revised assessment roll to be entitled to vote at municipal elections only in the said Municipality and I hereby call upon all voters to take immediate proceedings to have any omissions or errors corrected according to law.

Dated this 28th day of July, 1953.

Clerk of Kitley.

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