Montreal, Quebec : McGill University, Class of 1936.

Adams, James R.B.Sc.220 Brock Ave., Montreal West.
Aitken, Sydney G.B.A.5608 Phillips Ave., Montreal.
Albert, SamuelB.A.767 Davaar Ave., Outremont.
Allen, Lorna W.B.A.3447 Beaconsfield Ave., Montreal.
Amaron, Douglas G.B.A.Stanstead, Que.
Anderson, Reginald M.Med.2461 Mariette Ave., Montreal.
Andrews, CliffordB.A.4928 St. Denis St., Montreal.
Anglin, James P.Law682 Roslyn Ave., Westmount.
Angus, Alex. D.B.A.3450 Drummond St., Montreal.
Archibald, Frank R.Eng.Harbour Grace, Newfoundland.
Argue, John D.Com.590 Lisgar St., Ottawa, Ont.
Armstrong, Ann E.B.A.15 Willow Ave., Montreal.
Armstrong, John L.Eng.74 Courcelette Ave., Montreal.
Arthur, James W.Dent.Middleburgh, N. Y.
Ashkanase, Ruth B.B.A.755 Dunlop Ave., Outremont.
Askwith, Winston M.Eng.222 Powell Ave., Ottawa, Ont.
Atkinson, Audrey L.B.A.111 Broushton Ave., Montreal West.
Aycock, Edwin B.Med.Fremont, North Carolina.
Babb, Warren D.Med.29 Bassett St., Lynn, Mass.
Baggs, William C.Eng.Curling, Newfoundland.
Bailey, Margaret G.B.A.301 Ballantyne Ave., Montreal West.
Baird, Gwendolyn M.B.A.Angle Brook B. B., Newfoundland.
Baker, Herbert G.Med.1776, 11th Ave. W. Vancouver, B.C.
Baker, Kenneth, G. K.Law3740 Queen Mary Road, Montreal.
Baker, Muriel F.B.A.503 Victoria Ave., Westmount.
Basha, Joseph E.Eng.Curling, Newfoundland.
Baxter, HamiltonMed.3506 University St., Montreal.
Bazar, Philip S.Med.4777 Upper Grosvenor Ave., Montreal.
Bedoukian, Zareh P.Eng.6035 Park Ave., Montreal.
Beique, Henri F.Eng.9269 Lasalle Road, City of Lasalle.
Bell, D. William J.Med.41 Cyr St., Providence, R. I.
Bercovitz, George D.Med.4094 Girouard Ave., Montreal.
Bergeron, WilfridB.A.114 Bellville Road, New Bedford.
Bisson, GontranCom.1436 Badeaux St., Three Rivers, Que.
Booth, John R.Eng.4448 Wilson Ave., Montreal.
Booth, Keith A.Eng.8 St. EImo Apts., Colony St., Winnipeg, Man.
Bowman, Charlotte R.B.A.446 Cloverdale Road, Rockliffe, Ottawa, Ont.
Boyd, Gilbert F.Dent.177 Sherbrooke St.W., Montreal.
Boyd, Jean C.M.S.P.E.48, 16th Ave., Lachine, Que.
Boyd, Laurence G.B.Sc.122 George V Ave., Lachine, Que.
Bradley, Alan E.Eng.176 Lyie St., Deer Lodge, Winnipeg, Man.
Braisted, William E.Med.Mt. Hermon School, Mt. Hermon, Mass.
Brodie, Alex. B.Com.22 Edgehill Road, Westmount.
Brody, SelwynMed.29 Commercial St., Glace Bay, N.S.
Bronfman, BeatriceB.A.609 Carleton Ave., Westmount
Bronfman, Mildred Q.B.A.609 Carleton Ave., Westmount.
Brosseau, RolandEng.1050 Gilford St., Montreal.
Brown, Hugh C.Eng.642 Lansdowne Ave., Westmount.
Bruce, Agnes J.B.A.419 Metcalfe Ave., Westmount.
Buckwold, Sidney L.Com.308 Poplar Crescent, Saskatoon, Sask.
Burgomaster, NormanB.A.Box, 174, Omemee, Ont.
Burt, James R.B.A.26 Wellington St., Edinburgh, Scotland.
Bychowsky, VictorB.Sc.2945 Maplewood Ave., Montreal.
Byers, Alan G.Com.5 Summit Circle, Westmount.
Byrne, Joseph L.B.Sc.52 Curzon St., Montreal West.
Calder, TomLaw4085 Kensington Ave., Montreal.
Cameron, Jean C. O.B.A.316 Cote St. Antoine Road, Westmount.
Carey, William F.B.A.500 Fifth Ave., New York City.
Carpenter, Frederick J.Med.199 Springfield Ave., Pittsfield, Mass.
Carter, Wm. F. S.Eng.119 Arlington Ave., Montreal.
Carter, WilliamB.Sc.3465 Jeanne Mance St., Montreal.
Casselman, Archie B.B.A.Finch, Ont.
Chadwick, Hester L.B.A.654 Grosvenor, Ave., Westmount.
Chadwick, Mary C.B.A.411 Metcalfe Ave., Westmount.
Challies, Ethel S.B.A.8 Grove Park, Westmount.
Chapin, Wight N.Med.745 St. Joseph St., Lachine.
Chapman, Antony D.B.A.4222 Dorchester St., Montreal.
Chapman, Stuart M.Eng.1271 Dorchester St., Apt. 3, Montreal.
Charters, Stewart A.Eng.218 Metcalfe Ave., Westmount.
Chasse, Paul E.LawPierreville, Sorel.
Chevalier, PaulB.Sc.Senneville, Que.
Christensen, Harry E.Med.21 Riverside Ave., Gloucester, Mass.
Clarke, Walter H.Eng.55 Brock Ave. N., Montreal West.
Clough, William G.Eng.250 Oak St., Winnipeg, Man.
Cohen, Elsa L.B.A.571 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount.
Cole, Alfred H. P.Eng.314 Broadway, Lachine, Que.
Coleman, Rowan, C.B.A.3940 Cote des Neiges, Montreal.
Collingwood, John C.Eng.St. John's, Newfoundland.
Cooke, Laure P.B.A.5012 Summit, Kansas City, Mo.
Cooper, Douglas H.B.Sc.6 Kelvin Ave., Outremont.
Cooper, Sydney G.B.Sc.1228 Lajoie Ave., Outremont.
Coppick, SydneyEng.3546 Durocher St., Apt. 2, Montreal.
Corbett, Vaughan B.Law760 Upper Lansdowne Ave., Westmount.
Corrigan, Francis J.B.A.301 Laurier Ave. E., Ottawa, Ont.
Crawford, Kenneth S.Eng.Lennoxville, Que.
Crelinsten, AbeB.A.5442 Grovehill Place, Montreal.
Curtis, Ida G.B.A.3834 Melrose Ave., Montreal.
Dafoe, Margaret E.B.A.4424 Old Orchard Ave., Montreal.
Dale, James M.Eng.955 Lipton St., Winnipeg, Man.
Daly, Robert E.Eng.67 Jacques Cartier St., Chicoutimi, Que.
Davidson, Melville W.B.A.1343, 14th Ave. W., Calgary, Alta.
Dawson, Anne O.B.A.21 Bellevue Ave., Westmount.
Dawson, Isabel G.Law21 Bellevue Ave., Westmount.
Dean, Barbara W.B.A.217 Ballantyne Ave. N., Montreal West.
Denis, Henri B.Eng.4231 Wilson Ave., Montreal.
Denton, Dorothy M.B.A.4242 Old Orchard Ave., Montreal.
Denton, Fred L.Com.147 Portland Ave., Town of Mount Royal.
Desbarats, Henri B.Com.3501 University St., Montreal.
De Shield, JuanitaB.A.3283 St. James St., Montreal.
Dixon, Michael G.Arch.2290 Marcil Ave., Montreal.
Dobson, Anne E.B.A.6645 Molson Ave., Montreal.
Doig, Melbourne A.Law1347 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal.
Donahue, Gerald H.Med.Presque Isle, Maine.
Doubilet, Samuel A.Com.5470 Hutchison St., Outremont.
Dove, JohnB.A.Harbour Grace, Newfoundland.
Drew, Arnold P.B.A.Richford, Vermont.
Drury, Charles M.Law1523 Summerhill Ave., Montreal.
Drury, Foster T.Med.Gouverneur, N. Y.
Dufresne, GermaineB.A.342 Sherbrooke St. E., Montreal.
Dumfries, MargaretCom.1312 Mount Royal Blvd. W., Outremont.
Duncan, E. ElizabethB.A.2055 Mansfield St., Montreal.
Dunn, Alice M.B.A.P.O. Box 340, Quebec City, Que.
Dunn, William J.LawVictoriaville, Que.
Dynes, Hazel B.B.A.165 Cartier Ave., Quebec City, Que.
Eaglesham, Fergus C.Med.Weyburn, Sask.
Ebbett, George H.Med.10 Charles St., Houlton, Maine.
Edington, Archibald M.Med.4571 Harvard Ave., Montreal.
Edson, Ralph E.Eng.4260 Hingston Ave., Montreal.
Edwards, Edward B.Med.213 W-139th St., New York City.
Edwards, Philip A.Med.Hamilton, Ont.
Elliott, Harold W.Med.P.O. Box 106, Cache Bay, Ont.
Elliott, Kathleen M.Med.5525 Decarie Blvd., Montreal.
Ellis, Margaret I.B.A.6232 Hamilton St., Montreal.
Ellyett, Leslie T.Com.St. Eustache sur le Lac, Que.
Enman, Elisabeth L.B.A.Rothesay, N.B.
Esdaile, Hector M.Eng.3450 Melrose Ave., Montreal.
Ewart, Alexander L.B.Sc.Honolulu, Hawaii.
Fabbro, Louis N.Arch.249 Lorne St., Sudbury, Ont.
Fairbourn, Edwin J.Med.2214, 10th No. Seattle, Wash.
Fels, Seymour S.B.A.1469 Mount Royal Ave. E., Montreal.
Fetterly, Marjorie V.B.A.132 Second St. E., Cornwall, Ont.
Filion, PaulEng.660 Dollard Blvd., Outremont.
Findlay, Hugh J.B.A.Carleton Place, Ont.
Fisher, Frances M.Med.410 Victoria Ave., Westmount.
Fisher, Jacob B.Com.5277 Hutchison St., Montreal.
Fleishman, Maurice H.Arch.4054 Dorchester St., Montreal.
Fleming, Donald S.Med.4062 Marcil Ave., Montreal.
Foote, CharlesTheol.Mid. Musquodoboit, N.S.
Foote, E. G. B.Theol.Barney's River Station, N.S.
Ford, Mary H.B.A.Cowansville, Que.
Frankton, ClarenceB.Sc.4460 Delorimier Ave., Montreal.
Fraser, Gordon E.Eng.1239 Van Horne Ave., Outremont.
Freeman, Claire L.B.A.445 W. 2nd St., Cornwall, Ont.
Freeman, Robert G.Med.675 Magnolia Ave., Pasadena, Calif.
Frost, John W.Med.1619 King Edward Ave., Vancouver, B.C.
Fyfe, Helen G.B.A.312 Ballantyne Ave. N., Montreal West.
Fyshe, Thomas G.Med.2075 Lincoln Ave., Montreal.
Gagnon, Joseph H. R.Eng.386 Wiseman Ave., Outremont.
Gardner, JosephCom.201 Bougainville Ave., Quebec City, Que.
Garron, Levon K.Med.Route 1, Box 133, Fowler, Calif.
Garvock, Alex G.Com.136 Lewis St., Ottawa, Ont.
Gerson, SydneyArch.723 Stuart Ave., Outremont.
Gibson, Mary W.B.A.Cobourg, Ont.
Gildea, William F. P.Eng.Brownville Junction, Maine.
Gillmeister, Wilfred A.B.A.629 Rockland Ave., Outremont.
Girvan, George R.Med.167 Weldon St., Moncton, N.B.
Golden, Malcolm H.Dent.49 Fairfield Ave., So., Norwalk, Conn.
Goldstein, CharlesB.A.1564 Van Horne Ave., Outremont.
Golfman, MyerMed.5940 Sherbrooke St. W., Apt. 3, Montreal.
Goodfellow, George D.Eng.3429 Peel St., Montreal.
Goodrich, Geneva E.Med.2009 Mansfield St., Apt. 60, Montreal.
Goodstone, Gerald L.Med.847 Davaar Ave., Outremont.
Gordon, CrawfordCom.52 North Gate, Regent's Park, London, Eng.
Gould, Arthur H. G.B.A.4113 Sherbrooke St., Westmount.
Grauer, Frederick W.Med.Eburne, P.O., B.C.
Gray, Richard H.Eng.70 Cromarty St., Sydney, N.S.
Greenblatt, SamuelB.A.4841 Jeanne Mance St., Montreal.
Greenwood, Sydney H.J.B.Sc.5415 Brodeur Ave., Montreal.
Griffin, Cynthia H.B.A.17 Rochambeau Road, Scarsdale, N.Y.
Grisdale, Simpson V.Eng.Iroquois, Ont.
Gropper, Nathan F.Dent.402 Ave. G. So., Saskatoon, Sask.
Gross, Clarence R.B.A.2 Northcote Rd., Hampstead, Montreal.
Gruber, Abraham R.B.A.3837 Girouard Ave., Montreal.
Guilboard, Thomas I.Dent.4285 Hampton Ave., Montreal.
Hagerty, Edward D.Med.4 Broad St., Nashua, N.H.
Hahman, Paul T.Med.McDonald Ave., Santa Rosa, Calif.
Hale, Margaret E.B.A.37 Parkside Ave., Montreal W.
Hallsworth, KennethB.Sc.6134 Durocher St., Outremont.
Harkness, JamesMed.301 Sherbrooke St., Lachine, Que.
Harrinston, Conrad F.Law24 Ramezay Rd., Westmount.
Harvey, Fred C.Med.4982 Queen Mary Rd., Montreal.
Hatcher, Eleanor M.M.B.Sc.172, 44th Ave., Lachine, Que.
Heillig, Jeannette B.B.A.346 Kitchener Ave., Montreal.
Helfield, EstherB.A.3593 Decarie Blvd., Montreal.
Hemsley, Stuart D.B.A.Macdonald College, Que.
Henry, Edward T.LawLennoxville, Que.
Henry, Joan V. J.B.A.1508 Crescent St., Montreal.
Hetrick, Henrietta C.B.A.4560 St. Catherine St. W., Montreal.
Holmes, Joseph W.B.Sc.6195 N.D.G. Ave., Montreal.
Howard, Gordon T.Com.3261 Cedar Ave., Montreal.
Howard, Muriel M.B.A.630 Clarke Ave., Westmount.
Howie, Mabel F.Med.Pike River, Que.
Hull, Carlos A.B.A.3872 Oxford Ave., Montreal.
Hunt, William S.Eng.Charlottetown, P.E.I.
Hunter, Jean I.B.A.Huntingdon, Que.
Hutchinson, William B.Med.6102 Keppler St., Seattle, Wash.
Hyams, IsadoreDent.417 St. Joseph Blvd., Montreal.
Jackson, Phyllis M.B.A.732 Belmont Ave., Westmount.
Jennison, Norman H.Com.6074 N.D.G. Ave., Montreal.
Jones, Bruce N.Com.Monteso Bay, Jamaica, B.W.I.
Jones, Edward L.Com.109 Columbia Ave., Westmount.
Jones, Harrison S.B.A.47 Strathern Ave., Montreal W.
Jones, Jubert K.Arch.Wolfville, N.S.
Jones, Rhoda DeT.B.A.211 Sparks St., Ottawa, Ont.
Judd, Ebert E.Med.Waltham, Que.
Kaneb, George G.Med.3 St. Germain St., Worcester, Mass.
Kaplan, EdwardCom.44 Nelson St., Outremont.
Kaufman, DoraB.A.84 St. Louis St., Lachine, Que.
Kaufman, Mark I. H.Med.1547 Bishop St., Montreal.
Kazutow, JohnMed.224 State St., Bangor, Maine.
Kelloway, Eli C.B.A.Spout Cove, via Carbonear, Newfoundland.
Kennedy, John E.Com.7 Armady Crescent, Guelph, Ont.
Kerr, David M.Theol.Monklands, Ont.
Kerr, Elizabeth A.B.A.501 Victoria Ave., Westmount.
Kerr, J. WinstonB.A.West Park, Middle Herrington, Nr. Sunderland,
Co. Durham, England.
Kerr, Samuel McM.Theol.14 Gault Ave., Valleyfield, Que.
Kirby, John C.B.A.Pouch Cove, Newfoundland.
Kirsch, LeonardEng.12 Windsor Ave., Westmount.
Kleiner, GeorgeB.A.4245 Esplanade Ave., Montreal.
Kohl, SuzanneB.A.4340 Montrose Ave., Westmount.
Kolomeir, SamuelB.A.4447 Esplanade Ave., Montreal.
Kottley, Beatrice S.B.A.257 De l'Epee Ave., Outremont.
Kugel, Jack I.Arch.1472 Mackay St., Montreal.
Lacoursiere, ArthurArch.Vendome Hotel, Shawinigan Falls, Que.
Laing, Alan R.Com.195 Wolseley Ave., Montreal West.
Lamontagne, Jean E.Law385 Mount Royal Ave. W., Montreal.
Langstaff, Mary E.B.A.Box 312, Kemptville, Ont.
LaRiviere, Marcel G.Eng.6 Weredale Park, Westmount.
Larson, Charles P.Med.River Falls, Wisconsin.
Law, Robert J.Eng.190 Laurier Ave. E., Ottawa, Ont.
Laxer, MendelB.A.4057 Esplanade Ave., Montreal.
Lead, Harry D.B.Sc.4079 St. Catherine St. E., Montreal.
Lefort, JeanEng.5577 Phillips Ave., Montreal.
Leibovitch, DavidB.Sc.4063 Clark St., Montreal.
Levine, RachmielMed.2247 Maplewood Ave., Montreal.
Levites, SolomonB.A.4583 Jeanne Mance St., Montreal.
Lewis, John F.Com.226 Prince Albert Ave., Westmount.
Liddy, Ethel J.B.A.2349 Melrose Ave., Montreal.
Lincoln, Donald A.Eng.1921 Cathcart St., Calgary, Alta.
Lochhead, Donald R.Eng.42, 10th Ave., Lachine, Que.
Loomis, Alex. P.Eng.1694 Lincoln Ave., Montreal.
Loomis, Jas. G. M.Eng.1694 Lincoln Ave., Montreal.
Louis, Max A.Arch.4217 Western Ave., Westmount.
Lumsden, Stanley G.B.A.2287 Melrose Ave., Montreal.
Luxton, Richard G.B.Sc.337 Desmarchais Blvd., Montreal
Lyon, Harold P.Med.4102 Hingston Ave., Montreal.
McBride, Hazel E.B.A.3774 Wilson Ave., Montreal.
McCausland, William A.Med.123 Franklin St., Quincy, Mass.
McClure, George Y.Med.3626 Lorne Crescent, Montreal.
McConnell, Georgina K.B.A.1442 Bishop St., Montreal.
McCoy, Richard HallMed.97 Brock Ave., Montreal West.
McCrady, Donald C.Eng.3469 Northcliffe Ave., Montreal
McCuaig, Jean M.B.A.16 Pagnuelo Ave., Outremont.
Macdonald, Charles C.B.A.5569, 3rd Ave., Rosemount.
McDonald, John H.B.A.18 Edgehill Rd., Westmount.
McDougall, Errol K.B.A.3507 University St., Montreal.
MacDuff, RobertCom.Ste-Anne de Bellevue, Que.
Macfarlane, Robert M.Eng.635 Sydenham Ave., Westmount.
McGill, Alan F.Med.2114 College Ave., Regina, Sask.
McGoun, Jean M.B.A.4 Burton Ave., Westmount.
McGregor, Leslie S.Eng.5940 Clanranald Ave., Montreal.
McHugh, Hollie, E.Med.Farnham, Que.
McInnis, Helen M.B.A.211 Oak St., Winnipeg, Man.
Macintyre, Kenneth H.C.B.A.3473 University St., Montreal.
McKay, Margaret J.B.A.626 Roslyn Ave., Westmount
MacKay, NancyB.A.119 Wolseley Ave., Montreal W.
McKee, Gordon H.W.Eng.145 Patterson Ave., Ottawa, Ont.
McKeen, Harry L.Med.Cumberland Bay, Queen's Co., N.B.
Mackenzie, David W.Med.3437 Redpath St., Montreal.
Mackenzie, F. DouglasB.A.3491 McTavish St., Montreal.
McLaren, Willa K.B.A.647 Milton St., Montreal.
McLeod, Colena M.B.A.Box 135, Lake Megantic, Que.
McLeod, John KennethMed.15 Thorndike St., Concord, N.H.
MacLeod, John A.B.A.Albert St., Scotstown, Que.
McManamy, Eugene P.Med.79 Queen St., Sherbrooke, Que.
McMorran, James D.Com.222 MacLaren St., Ottawa, Ont.
McMurtry, Arthur S.Law439 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount.
MacNeil, John C.Theol.Glace Bay, N.S.
McNiven, Neal L.B.Sc.2 Mance St., Shawinigan Falls, Que.
McPherson, Thomas A.Eng.956 Esquimalt Rd., Victoria, B.C.
Magil Louis B.Arch.5156 Jeanne Mance St., Montreal.
Mahoney, Maurice F.Dent.288 Maple Ave., Burlington, Vt.
Malley, Bryan P.B.Sc.15 Freeman Place, Hamilton, Ont.
Mancuso, Joseph A.Dent.1629 Clifford Ave., Rochester, N.Y.
Manley, CicelyLaw2214 Dorchester St., Montreal.
Marshall, Florence E.B.A.4253 Beaconsfield Ave., Montreal.
Martin, John P.Com.424 St. Cyrille St., Quebec City.
Mason, Stanley G.Eng.2187 Clifton Ave., Montreal.
Mastrianni, Michael A.Med.46 Warsaw Ave., Mechanicville, N.Y.
Mathews, William H.Med.3940 Cote des Neiges Rd., Montreal.
Mattison, Berwyn F.Med.Fort Ann, N.Y.
Meakins, Jonathan F.Med.61 Rosemount Ave., Westmount.
Medine, Myer M.Med.2082 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal.
Miller, Errol L.Eng.5849 Jeanne Mance St., Montreal.
Mitchell, Charles L.Theol.325 Victoria Ave., Westmount.
Molson, Naomi K.B.A.1517 MacGregor St., Montreal.
Monahan, William D.Med.Lancaster, N.H.
Moncaster, Constance M.Com.2338 Belgrave Ave., Montreal
Monette, Henri H.Eng.3765 St. Andre St., Montreal.
Montgomery, George H.Law3562 Mountain St., Montreal.
Montgomery, Thomas H.B.A.Philipsburg, Que.
Mooney, Malcolm C.Med.316 Grande Allee, Quebec City.
Moore, Julia E.B.A.4155 Cote des Neiges Rd., Montreal.
Morgan, FrederickB.A.Villa Jibas, Olivos FCCA, Buenos Ayres, Argentine.
Morrison, Nora Y.B.A.Gatineau, Que.
Morse, Thomas S.Eng.Bathurst, N.B.
Moser, John H.Med.209 Culver Rd., Rochester. N.Y.
Murphy, Daniel E.B.Sc.616 Outremont Ave., Outremont.
Murphy, Daniel F.Eng.6805 Chabot St., Montreal.
Murphy, Florence E.B.A.620 Victoria Ave., Westmount.
Murphy, George B.Law91 London St., Sherbrooke, Que.
Murray, George S.Com.233 Clemow Ave., Ottawa, Ont.
Mussell, Jocelyn E.B.A.27 Milner Ave., Montreal.
Myerson, DorothyB.A.2008 Maplewood Ave., Montreal.
Naran, AnnM.S.P.E.5900 Papineau Ave., Montreal.
Nixon, Robert J.Eng.647 Belmont Ave., Westmount.
Nobbs, Francis J.Arch.38 Belvedere Rd., Westmount.
Ogilvie, Gordon S.Eng.55 Park Ave., Ottawa, Ont.
Ogulnik, F. VictorMed.5 Belfrage Rd., Westmount.
Oliver, Jack F.Eng.509, 11th St., Saskatoon, Sask.
Olker, Louis C.Med.837 Wall St., Chico, Cal.
O'Neil, Gordon B.Med.7575 Selkirk Ave., Vancouver, B.C.
Ortenberg, Judith B.B.Sc.900 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal.
Painter, Adele L.B.A.215 Carlyle Ave., Model City.
Pall, David B.B.Sc.Box 474, Kamsack, Sask.
Patch, Rodney A.B.A.3156 The Boulevard, Westmount
Pattee, Chauncey J.Med.4931 Piedmont Ave., Montreal.
Patterson, MargaretM.B.A.1227 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal.
Peck, EsmondEng.3460 Simpson St., Montreal.
Peltier, Mary E.B.A.330 Brock Ave., Montreal West
Perez, Eugene R.Med.Hollister, California.
Picard, Rudolphe L.M.B.A.426 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount.
Pick, Alfred J.B.A.425 Clarke Ave., Westmount.
Piper, Edward H.B.A.2047 Vendome Ave., Westmount.
Poch, Lewis N.B.Sc.4410 City Hall Ave., Montreal.
Porteous, GeorgeTheol.1513 Ducharme Ave., Outremont.
Porteous, John F.Law6825 Boulevard LaSalle, Montreal.
Proctor, Marian B.B.A.Malone, N.Y.
Purtill, James T. K.Eng.34 Bloomingdale Terrace, Halifax, N.S.
Pyper, K. MarjoryB.A.48 Windsor Ave., Westmount.
Quinn, Louis J.Med.1511 Closse St., Montreal.
Rabnett, BasilEng.10 Moor Place, Gosforth, Northumberland, England.
Ramsay, Leo P.Dent.22 Aberdeen Ave., Sherbrooke, Que.
Ransom, Olive-SueB.Sc.461 Lansdowne Ave., Westmount.
Rendall, Cynthia M.B.A.4038 Hampton Ave., Montreal.
Retallack, Lois M.B.Sc.4056 Beaconsfield Ave., Montreal.
Richan, Frederick K.B.Sc.114 Vivian Ave., Montreal.
Richmond, James H.B.Sc.4454 Coolbrook Ave., Montreal.
Ritchie, Kenneth S.Med.5620 Bourbonniere St., Montreal.
Rivard, Robert F.B.Sc.249 St. Joseph Blvd., Montreal.
Rivenovich, David J.B.Sc.446 Rigaud St., Montreal.
Robert, Lucien E.B.Sc.12395 Crevier St., Cartierville, Que.
Robertson, Harold R.Med.2326 Marine Drive, Vancouver, B.C.
Romoff, Anne.B.A.6549 St. Hubert St., Montreal.
Ross, Henry U.Eng.Ship Canal, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.
Ross, Kenneth M.B.A.5415 Park Ave., Montreal.
Ross, Sydney.B.Sc.4537 Harvard Ave., Montreal.
Roxburgh, William H.Eng.11151, 3rd Ave., Edmonton, Alta.
Roy, Norma R.B.A.66 Forden Crescent, Westmount.
Royer, France M.Com.1990 Rachel St. E., Montreal.
Royer, Jacques A.Eng.1990 Rachel St. E., Montreal.
Rubin, Jack.Med.5228 St. Urbain St., Montreal.
Russel, Gwendolyn M.B.A.641 Argyle Ave., Westmount.
Saibil, DavidMed.5973 St. Urbain St., Montreal.
Sampson, Robert G.Law628 Davaar Ave., Outremont.
Sanborn, Olive L.B.A.4205 Beaconsfield Ave., Montreal.
Savage, Hugh B.Com.1456 St. Matthew St., Montreal.
Sbarbaro, Victor.Med.Box 53, Weed, California.
Schacher, JosephineMed.159 Sherbrooke St. E., Montreal.
Schecter, BenB.A.3636 Decarie Blvd., Montreal.
Schecter, NathanMed.280 St. Andrew St., Ottawa, Ont.
Schlemm, Leonard G.W.B.Sc.3029 St. Sulpice Rd., Montreal.
Schulman, SaulB.A.4251 Marcil Ave., Montreal.
Schwartz, HarryB.Sc.5467 Durocher Ave., Montreal.
Scott, Wm. MackenzieCom.5312 Waverley St., Montreal.
Sharkey, Sidney J.Theol.2090 Peel St., Montreal.
Shaw, Keith W.Eng.448 Lansdowne Ave., Westmount.
Sheffield, Edward F.B.A.1728, 13th Ave. W., Calgary, Alta.
Short, ConstanceLaw729 Upper Belmont Ave., Westmount.
Shugar, DavidB.Sc.4096 St. Urbain St., Montreal.
Shuster, SamuelMed.5365 Jeanne Mance St., Montreal.
Silcox, A. PhillipsTheol.2044 Victoria St., Montreal.
Silverstone, RalphB.Sc.4510 Esplanade Ave., Montreal.
Simand, IreneB.A.9 Gledstone Ave., Westmount.
Siminovitch, DavidB.Sc.727a de l'Epee St., Montreal.
Skaperdas, George T.Eng.540 St. Catherine Rd., Montreal.
Skinner, Frank L.Med.821 University Drive, Saskatoon Sask.
Small, Elsie M.B.A.3820 Decarie Blvd., Montreal.
Smedley, Florence G.B.A.53 Mercille Ave., St. Lambert, Que.
Smiley, George W.Eng.136 Edison Ave., St. Lambert, Que.
Smith, Harry S.Med.South Brookfield, N.S.
Smith, Marjorie M.B.A.4907 Victoria Ave., Montreal.
Smith, Stanley B.B.A.3506 University St., Montreal.
Smyth, William C.Eng.3410 Atwater Ave., Montreal.
Somers, Dorothy E.B.A.3442 Belmore Ave., Montreal.
Sparks, Judith R.B.A.544 Driveway, Ottawa, Ont.
Spratt, John F.B.A.Billings Bridge, Ont.
Sproule, William K.Eng.39 Thornhill Ave., Westmount.
Stearns, Alta E.B.A.Rouses Point, N.Y.
Sterns, Frances B.B.Sc.9 Midland St., St. Catharines, Ont.
Stevenson, Shirley E.B.A.3493 Atwater Ave., Montreal.
Stewart, Charles H.Com.Beebe, Que.
Stewart, LeVilo M.B.A.500 West 11th St., New York City.
Surveyer, Edouard F.Law128 Maplewood Ave., Montreal.
Sutherland, William S.B.A.Finery Ont.
Suthren, Joseph W.Eng.63 Plymouth Rd., Welland, Ont.
Sutton, Gerald L.Med.10434 Delorimier Ave., Montreal.
Sweeny, Ann M.B.A.376 Redfern Ave., Westmount.
Tannahill, Margaret D.B.A.Huntingdon, Que.
Tarlow, Lillian N.Com.397 St. Joseph Blvd., Montreal.
Taylor, Bowman S.B.A.174 Nassau St., Winnipeg, Man.
Taylor, Herbert L.Med.Newport, Me.
Taylor, William R.Med.226 Douglas Ave., Saint John, N.B.
Tees, Herbert H.Law4128 Harvard Ave., Montreal.
Theobald, Louis C.Med.Potsdam, N.Y.
Thomas, Belmont E.Med.201 W. Morris St., Bath, N.Y.
Thompson, Arthur BMed.81 Main St., Lapeen, Mich.
Thornhill, Bertha E. E.B.Sc.122 Arlinston Ave., Westmount.
Thurston, Arthur MEng.152 Percival Ave., Montreal West.
Tildesley, James M. E.Com.634 Michigan St., Victoria, B.C.
Tims, Barbara L. B.B.A.3851 Harvard Ave., Montreal.
Townsend, Eleanor G.B.A.95 McCulloch Ave., Outremont.
Townsend, Thomas R.B.Sc.95 McCulloch Ave., Outremont.
Turner, Charles N.Com.424 Wood Ave., Westmount.
Turner, Phyllis E.B.A.476 Wood Ave., Westmount.
Urquhart, Fred S.B.A.5462 Park Ave., Montreal.
Van Reel, WilfridCom.2034 Peel St., Montreal.
Van Scoyoc, William H.B.A.205 Brock Ave., Montreal West.
Vernon, Harold C.B.A.Blytheswood, Ont.
Vivian, Johnson E.Eng.4021 Marcil Ave., Montreal.
Wakefield, Robert W.Com.Gale, Keswick, Cumberland, England.
Walker, Alan W.Arch.Box 420, Yarmouth, N.S.
Walker, Dorothy S.B.A.8 Douglas Ave., Westmount.
Walker, Harold E.Com.384 Metcalfe Ave., Westmount.
Walker, Robert H.Law3 Belvedere Rd., Westmount.
Waller, Jack J.Eng.2025 Grey Ave., Montreal.
Walsh, Allison A.M.Law640 Victoria Ave., Westmount.
Warner, Harry M.Med.Mille Roches, Ont.
Wayland, Charles H.Law2322 Wilson Ave., Montreal.
Weaver, Arthur G.B.A.57 Beverley Ave., Town of Mount Royal.
Wedgwood, Harold J.Eng.Stratford St. Mary, Suffolk, England.
Weeks, Dana A.Med.57 So. Union St., Rochester, N.Y.
Weinfield, MortimerLaw440 Elm Ave., Westmount.
White, William H.Med.Penticton, B.C.
Whyte, Eleanor J.M.S.P.E.Lancaster, Ont.
Wiener, Robert M.Dent.2 Querbes Ave., Outremont.
Wigle, Frederick E.Com.194 Park St. South, Hamilton, Ont.
Williamson, Howard H.Eng.Yarmouth North, N.S.
Willis, S. T.Theol.382 Olivier Ave., Westmount.
Winslow-Spragge, Alice M.B.A.55 Aberdeen Ave., Westmount.
Woodhead, Robert C.Eng.241 Ballantyne Ave. N., Montreal West.
Woolhouse, Frederick M.Med.814 Temperance St., Saskatoon, Sask.
Wright, Loys V. V.B.A.Box 140, R. D. 1, Schenectady,
Young, John ClementMed.345 Bentinck St., Sydney, N.S.

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