The Family of
William Purdon & Elizabeth McDougall,
of McDonalds Corners, Ontario

Purdon family, McDonalds Corners, Ontario

Back row, L to R: William H. Purdon, Violet (Purdon) Stewart, Duncan Purdon, Christina (Purdon) McIntyre and her husband Malcolm McIntyre, Mary Elizabeth (Purdon) Dahlka, William Purdon and Agnes T. Purdon.
Front row, L to R: Elizabeth (Lizzie) Clement, Elizabeth (McDougall) Purdon, Jim Clement (a brother of Lizzie), Jane (Purdon) MacDonald, Anna Jeannette Waite (on chair), Isabella (Purdon) Waite, who is holding Violet Erma Waite.

The Family of William Purdon & Elizabeth McDougall

A brief history by .

Pictured above is the family of William and Elizabeth (McDougall) Purdon who were married April 12, 1861 at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Middleville, Lanark County. Elizabeth was born on August 2, 1838 and William was born September 17, 1838. They were my great-grandparents. William died on March 22, 1911 at Elphin, Lanark County and Elizabeth died June 23, 1932 at McDonald's Corners. They are buried at the Highland Line Cemetery, Dalhousie Township.

  1. Their family were:
  2. Violet Purdon married Daniel Stewart on April 14, 1903. They farmed on the Highland Line and were my grandparents.
  3. Duncan Purdon married Sarah Proven. They moved to Antler, Saskatchewan in 1904.
  4. Christina Purdon married Malcolm McIntyre and they lived at Elphin and are buried at the Highland Line.
  5. Mary Elizabeth Purdon married Reynold Henry Carl Dahlka and they moved to Michigan.
  6. Agnes T. Purdon was born on April 18, 1862 and was not married. She died on July 1, 1958 and is buried on the Highland Line.
  7. Isabella Purdon married William Waite and they lived at McLaren's Depot, Ontario and then moved to Arnprior.
    1. Violet Erma Waite was their daughter and she married James Lett.
    2. Anna Jeannette Waite was also a daughter and she married Albert Dahlka, then George Teahan. They lived in Detroit, Michigan.
  8. Jane Purdon married Hugh McDonald and they lived at McDonald's Corners and are buried at the Highland Line.
  9. Elizabeth (Lizzie) and Jim Clement were brother and sister and they were raised by William and Elizabeth Purdon after their mother died. Jim was killed in the First World War. Elizabeth married Alex Rathwell.

As for the original picture of the familiy, I am sure it is in the landfill site near Kingston. I visited Aunt Mary's (close relative) and she had garbaged all of the old pictures – that was 4 years ago. I was lucky she did save a few although (the Purdon photo shown above) was not one of them.

– Betty (Stewart) Vanden Bosch,
25 May, 2006.

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