Macedonian & Bulgarian Gravestones
In Toronto Necropolis & Crematorium

I found these gravestones while wandering through the graveyard in early September, 2005. No systematic search was made -- these are the Cyrillic stones I came across in about two hours of wandering.

I first assumed that they were Russian, but I soon received an email which set me right on that -- three are Macedonian and one is Bulgarian.

Many thanks to Dr. Olena Berezovska for offering the first tentative translations. She says that while she can read the two languages, she doesn't speak them, so your help would be appreciated in correcting or expanding on her efforts.

January 5, 2010 : Many thanks to Igor Petrusevski for offering complete translations of the three Macedonian stones. He says the Bulgarian stone translation is correct. I've also put his short comments in [square brackets].


Tuk pociva
Petre Iliov rodum od selo
Slatino Ohridsko Makedonija
?7 godisna vozrast
pocina na 20 juli 191?

Here rests
Petre Iliov born in village of
Slatino, city of Ohrid, Macedonia
at age of ?7
died on July the 20th 191?


Tuka pociva
Tase Markov 19 g.
rodom od s. Zelevo
Kostursko* Makedonija
Predade dusata si vo najcvetnite*
godini prez
mart 23ti 1913g.
[ * Kostur means skeleton in Macedonian language, today (Kostur is) in the territory of Greece.]

Here rests
Tase Markov a 19 years old
born in village of Zhelevo
region of Kostur* Macedonia
He gave his soul (to god) in his best**
years in
March 23rd 1913 year
[ ** Najcvetnite means most blossoming in Macedonian language, I translated as "best, most beautiful".]


Here is resting
George (looks like Georgi - cannot see the first letter) Bobov
33 years old
originally from the village of Zhelezna, Berkovska region, Bulgaria
Died on October 14(?), 1919.


In memory
from God's child, life companion Nadezhda
here rests
Dafo Hr.* Dzhogomanov
from the village of Banica, Ler.** Macedonia
Born in 1880, killed poisoned in January 1920.
Never forgotten by close friends and family.
[ * Hr. is short form of Hristov - his middle name.]
[ ** Ler. is short form of Lerin city, (which is) today in the territory of Greece (Florina).]

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