Letter from Margaret and James Lord Robertson
to Alexander Pringle, 1845

Many thanks to for sending me this letter.

She writes: "My great-great-great-great (or something, I might've missed a great) Aunt was Margaret Pringle who married James Lord Robertson; their descendants are featured on part of your site, so I thought you might be interested in this letter from James and Margaret in Lanark to their nephew Alexander Pringle (my great-great-grandfather) in Cobourg in 1845. I found it buried in an envelope of old Pringle family memorabilia. Here is the transcript (as best as I can make out)"

Lanark, 15 August 1845

Dear Nephew,

We embrace this opportunity of sending these few lines with a neighbour of ours who is leaving this place and going up the Country. About three weeks after your Aunt and I reached home last fall, I wrote a letter to all our Friends in Cobourg-Whitby and Baltamore – directing it to our Nephew William Pringle who was to give you all a reading of it – and then send it to his Father – To which letter we have got no answer. What William's reasons are for not writing we are at a loss to know. We have had a very dry summer here and there is a great failure of the Crops. the drought has been so great that the most of pasture ground is quite burned up and the oats in many places are not eight inches long. We have commenced the wheat harvest it is also very short and light in the head. Our land here is so very Rocky and light that unless we have a rainy season we have very poor crops.

Your Aunt is keeping her health well, which is a good thing for us at present, she is the best shearer of us all. I have been but poorly in my health these two months past but I have reason to Bless God that I am getting better. Your kind present to your Aunt is often looked to with gratitude – she keeps time well. Remember us to William and his wife and desire him to let his Father and Sandy know that we are all well – and that Jess is doing well. She is in Colt and is very lusty. Give our best respects to Mrs. Pringle and all the little ones. To uncle Frank and wife and to all our cousins and their wives – to Lawders family and George Thomson – give my respects to James Wilson if still in Cobourg. Write us soon and let us know how you and all our friends are.

Hoping that this will find you all in good health we remain dear Nephew, your loving Uncle and Aunt James and Margaret Robertson.

Direct to me 1 Concession 19 Lot, Lanark, Canada West.

scan of letter

scan of letter

scan of letter

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