Tamworth, Ontario : "C" Co., 146th O.S. Batt.

Photograph of C Co., 146th O.S. Batt., Tamworth, Ont

These two names were submitted by website viewers:
Manley H. Marshall in the back row, 5th from right.
Harvey S. Thompson in the 3rd row from back, 3rd from left.

Accompanying sheet of paper (see below) has many names, but they aren't in order:

Fred Parks, Alf. Rogers, A. Smith, Laurence Coxall, J. Garrison, Ted Cross, Ross Pervus, Harry Babcock.

A. Pennell - - Clare Wagar - - Arthur Franklin
W.J. MacFarlane - - M.G. Lee, Elmer Alton, Jack Tompson.
Carmen Salsbury.

S. Switzer, Walter Day, Harvey Tompson [sic], Harold Gailbraith [sic]
Ern. Barker, Roy Samson, E Kulbeck, Luther Furrs.

Roy McGill - - Leeman Cambell - - Jim Stoddard
Percy Charlton, Capt. Hannah, Walter Bush
Rufus Lambert, James Lambert, Jack Lambert.

Original size: 10 inches wide by 8 inches high.

Names written on paper with photo above

This sheet of paper was attached to the photo above.

Can you provide names, corrections or other information?

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