Extracts of "Through The Years", 1997.
Manitoulin History & Genealogy.

Spring, 1997. Final Issue.

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Spring 1997
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Photo: Fairview Church in Tehkummah in 1917.
2. Indexes.
3. Photo: Stan Paisley and Alice Turnbull Wedding, 1928.
Photo: Charles Cockburn, minister.
Photo: Dedication of the church steps.
4. Photo: Church Choir -- John Staples, Clara Sison, (?) Zimmerman, Phyllis Totten, Jackie Hay, Janeen Hunter, Mary Lou Hunter, Clara Ward, Gayle Pennie, Dorothy Harrison, Ann Bowerman, Elaine Leeson, Jane Simpson, Lorriane Totten, Brenda Freeman, Susan Harrison, Peggy Baxter, Janice Watson.
Photo: 1953 Mrs. Frank Little presents keys to Rev. Gillman. Rev. Madden, Mrs. Cliff McCutcheon, Mrs. Wally Leeson, Mrs. George Ward, Mrs. Ross Leeson, Mrs. Joe Ward.
5. Article: Looking back at Tehkummah, submitted by Pat Hill.
List of Fairview Quilting Ladies UCW and Helpers -- Ethel Vanhorn, Audrie Williamson, Anne Leeson, Dianne Langman, Helen McGauley, Kay Gordon, Girda Smeltzer, Rita Vanhorn, Helen Oswald, Mary O'Neil, Bernice Duggan, Noreen Russell, Justeen Anstice, Mildred Sauder, Doreen Smelter, Gelena Hopkin, Yvette Hopkin, Mrs. Choma, Betty Lentir, Dot Watson, Ethel Case, Nora Hall, Rhea Ward, Gilda Russell, Bessie Russell, Jeanie Williamson, Linda McGillis, Edna Wilson, Betty Vanhorn, Betty Lou Vanhorn, Zelda Pearson, Leila Little, Elaine McGauley, Clara Blackburn and Lloyd Blackburn.
6. Note from Pat Hall on How Things Have Changed.
7. Birth Announcement: Jennifer Anne Stephens, 1965.
Article: Women's Auxiliary Reflections.
Old Sign: The United Church of Canada, Fairveiw.
8. Article: Women's Auxiliary Reflections continued -- Audrie Williamson.
Article: United Church Women's Members from 1990-1997: Audrie Williamson, Dianne Langman, Jean McCauley, Joanne Doucette, Marjorie Aasen, Joan Arnold, Patricia Hall, Rena Quackenbush, Diane McLean, Carol Beattie, Anne Leeson, Louis Himes, Helen McGauley, Ethel Vanhorn, Joyce Stevens, Mildred Freman, Pauline Martin, Edna Wilson, Noreen Russell, Bessie Russell, Dorothy Anistice Sr., Nora Hall.
Photo: Some of the women of Fairview Church -- Joan Arnold, Patricia Hall, Audrie Williamson, Dot Watson, Mary O'Neil.
9. Coming Events.
Article: Wedding in Tehkummah, July 1909 -- Miss Mary E. Russell, Robert Duxbury, Mr. and Mrs. William Russell, Rev. W.W. Anglin, Rev. F.G. Andrews, Mr. Samuel Russell, Miss L. Duxbury.
Article: Tehkummah Junior U.C.W. Notes -- Marvel Meddow.
10. Article: Tehkummah Junior U.C.W. Notes continued -- Dorothy Glasby, Anne Leeson, Donna Boudrea, Sherry Case, Carolyn Hunter, Dorothy Anstice Jr., Rose Diebolt, Linda McNaughton, Carol Henderson, Rene Anderson, Helen Oswald, Elaine McGauley, Linda Bowerman, Mary O'Neil, Denise Pyette, Eileen Smeltzer, Diane Glasby, Elizabeth Gozney, Helen Oswald.
Article: Women's Auxiliary and Congregational Notes -- Mrs. J.A. Ward, Ernest Freeman, Mrs. James Williamson, Miss Candace Little.
11. Article: Women's Auxiliary and Congregational Notes continued -- Mrs. Ashdown, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Clarence Martin, Mrs. Owen Williamson, Ruby Little, Mr. Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pennie, Mrs. J. Williamson, Mr. Duxbury, Earl Williamson, Mrs. John C. Hall, Wilfred Case, Mrs. Kyle.
Photo: Fairview United Church Choir -- Gayle Pennie, Susan Harrison, Mrs. Sheets, Elaine Ward, Janeen Hunter, Peggy Baxter, Brenda Freeman, Debbie Duxbury, Susan Harrison.
12. Article: Women's Auxiliary and Congregational Notes continued -- Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Paisley, Mrs. F. Little, Miss Dougherty, Mrs. Caddel, Elaine Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Ida Arnold, Mrs. William Duxbury, Mrs. Luke Vanhorn, Audrey Williamson, Alvern Brown, Mrs. Mary Kyle.
Photo: of a group at Vacation Bible School.
13. Article: Women's Auxiliary and Congregational Notes continued -- Mrs. Mildred Freeman, Agnes McDonald, Delbert Vanhorn, Joyce Ward, Mr. Grey, Harold Case, Gib Pyette, Elaine Ward, Mrs. Bill McCulligh, Alex Russell, Rev. and Mrs. McDonald, Miss Clara Ward, Miss Joyce Ward, Mrs. Pennie.
14. Article: Women's Auxiliary and Congregational Notes continued -- Dianne Langman, Helen McGauley, Anne Leeson, Audrie Williamson, Nora Hall, Helen McGauley.
Article: Women's Association and United Church Roll Call.
Article: Fairview Women's Association -- Audrie Williamson.
15. Article: Fairview Women's Association 1948 continued -- Ruby Little, Mrs. (Dorothy) Victor Anstice, Mrs. Alf Duxbury, Mrs. (Mary) J.A. Ward, Mrs. (Bessie) Alec Russell, Mrs. (Mildred) Ernest Freeman, Mrs. Andrew Turnbull, Mrs. William Duxbury, Mrs. (Hazel) Archie Brown, Mrs. Charlie Vanhorn, Mrs. J. Blackburn, Mrs. (Bessie) John C. Hall, Mrs. (Jennie) Earl Williamson, Mrs. Harry Little, Mrs. (Edna) John Wilson, Miss Mary Alice Dougherty, Mrs. (Thelma) Matt Hunter, Mrs. (Ethel) Albert Vanhorn, Mrs. (Marjorie) Elgin Martin, Mrs. (Agnes) Whit MacDonald, Mrs. (Jean) Clare Aelick, Mrs. (Gladys) Jim Hunter, Mrs. (Ellen) Lorne Pennie, Mrs. (Rena) Frank Vanhorn, Mrs. George Crawford, Mrs. Norman Sheets, Mrs. (Mary) Kyle, Mrs. (Phyllis) Totten, Mrs. (Retta) Neil McGillis, Mrs. (Sadie) George Brown, Mrs. H.B. Chisholm, Mrs. (Leila Little) Nelson, Mrs. (Shirley) Everett Hall, Mrs. (Pat) Seward Hall, Violet McAllister, Elva Turnbull, Mrs. (Gladys) J. Hunter, Mrs. Cliff McCutcheon, Mrs. Donald Williamson, Retta McGillis, Hannah Hare, Mrs. (Evelyn) Willis Merritt, Mrs. (Hazel) Walter Size, Mrs. Hugh Little, Clara Ward, Mrs. Greshke, Mrs. (Ruby) Ross Leeson, Brenda Freeman, Mrs. William Pyette, Mrs. (Appelina) Luke Vanhorn, Mrs. Eva Little, Mrs. (Audrey) Owen Williamson, Mrs. Richard Russell, Mrs. (Catharine) E. Paisley, Mrs. Max Chapman, Mrs. W.J. Tilson, Mrs. Thomas Martin, Mrs. Daley, Miss Joyce Ward, Mrs., (Rhea) Rex Ward, Mrs. (Ida) Harvey Arnold, Mrs. (Zaida) Leslie McKenzie, Mrs. (Nora) Ozzie Hall, Mrs. (Beaulah) Fred Russell, Mrs. (Mary) John E. Hall, Mrs. (Glenna) Dave Harrison.
Article: Women's Association to United Church, 1948-1997 -- Fairview Women's Association -- Mrs. James Williamson, Mrs. Leslie McKenzie, Mrs. Frank Little, Mrs. Alec Russell, Mrs. Ozzie Hall, Mrs. Nelson Little, Mrs. Owen Willamson, Mrs. Dianne Langman, Mary Ward, Mildred Freeman, Joanne Doucette, Ina Little, Nora Hall, Jean McCauley, Leila Little, Carl Brown, Mildred Freeman, Audrie Williamson, Dot Watson, Lori McNaughton, Keith Legge, Jim McNaughton, Pat Hall.
Article: Fairview United Church Ministers from 1942 -- J. Renshaw, Sykes, VenEvans, Ronald G. Pearsall, Roy Hircock, Mary Alice Dougherty, K. Stewart, Norman Sheets, David C. Stephens, Rev. Staples, Rev. Kempling, Rev. and Mrs. McDonald, David Reid, Barrie Bain, Marvel Neddow, Cal Sifford, Dawn VanEyke.
16. Article: Fairview United Church Ministers from 1942 continued -- Alec Manson and wife Dorothy, Oliver Stevens and wife Dorothy, Oliver Stevens and wife Joyce, Wally Wood and wife Margaret, Rev. Bowers, Rev. King, Rev. Vickers, Rev. Warren, Rev. MacDougall, Rev. McEachen, Mr. Muncaster, Art Higgenbotham, Edith Addison, Mr. Smeltzer.
Photo: Rev. Renshaw, wife and children Esther and Carol.
Article: Fairview -Tehkummah 100 Years and Counting by Rev. Oliver Stevens.
17. Article: Fairview -Tehkummah 100 Years and Counting by Rev. Oliver Stevens, continued.
Letter from Debbie (Duxbury) Lukas.
18. Article: Manitowaning-Tehkummah 1966 Budget.
Article: The Gift: Jennifer Pennie, Ellen Pennie, Pat Hall.
19. Poem: What A Grandma Is. Submitted by Mrs. Tessie Hill.
Photo: White Lake Presbyterian Church in 1939.
Photo: Presentation of gifts to the church -- Bessie Russell, Mrs. Bert Watson, Janeen Hunter, Rev. and Mrs. Sheets.
Photo: Ross, Leeson, Elias Hutchinson, Joe Ward, Evelyn Merritt and Ina Little.

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