Hearst, Cochrane, & Northern Ontario

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Ernie Bies currently lives in Ottawa. He was brought up in the tiny Slovak community of Bradlo, about 10km south of Hearst, Ontario. Most of these articles have been previously published – mainly in HighGrader Magazine, and also in the Kapus­kasing Northern Times, Kanadsky Slovak, Le Nord, Ottawa Citizen, Egan­ville Leader, Cochrane Times Post, and several others. He is working on a book about the history of Hearst, as well as on a collection of short stories. He complains that he has gathered so much material that he is swamped and hardly knows where to start. (Four items added March 1, 2, 3, & 4, 2022)

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Clayton's Kids

Clayton's Kids, Pioneer Families of Hearst Public School, edited by Terry West, Frank Pellow and Ernie Bies, who were part of a committee which included Peggy Wade Dodds, Elena Bosnick Petrcic, Betsi Miller Barrette, Dorothy Girard Leger, Alan Jansson, Doug & Laura Rosevear, Christine Gagne and Debbie Girard Vaillancourt, who compiled 106 stories written by the families of Hearst pioneers. Selling 1,200 copies of the book and organizing a successful reunion in 2009, the committee generated $30,000 in profits that was donated to Clayton Brown Public School to assist with under-funded programs, such as milk, breakfast, music, travel, swim etc. The timing of the book was very opportune as some 35 of these family authors have since passed away. Following are some of these pioneer stories. Limited copies of the book are still available.

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